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Do not miss out: external SSDs at great prices

updating: Another ultra-priced drive - SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND in one terabyte capacity Available at a price of 184.2 dollars, which are only NIS 660 including VAT and shipping. Equal to those who need volume Healthy brand is recognized at the lowest price you can find.

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This weekend provides us with new surprises from home - With fast drives from leading manufacturers that can take you anywhere

The price of the And now it seems that this positive momentum is also related to external means, to the benefit of all those who want Particularly agile not only within their system but also in the transfer between the various systems and computers.

SanDisk Extreme Extreme Drive, wrapped in hard rubber with IP55 compatibility And in storage volume of 500GB With continuous transfer speeds of up to 550 megabytes per second, available at a cost of 137.75 dollars including VAT and home delivery - about NIS 495, or just one shekel per gigabyte of .

An external drive that could survive almost any challenge you throw at it

Samsung Mini Portable SSD drive from the latest 5GB T500 series And with 256 Bit AES encryption support available at an even more lucrative price of 128.25 dollars including VAT and shipping, which are only NIS 460 - the cheapest price available to date, and at a significant difference.

If this is not interesting enough, you may also be pleased to hear about the impressive discounted prices for Samsung's internal EVO 860 series drives that are now available in the same Amazon: Volume of 250GB Available for $ 65.6, or 235 New Shekels, Volume of 500GB Available at the price of 123.54 dollars, or 445 new shekels, whereas One terabyte drive Can be yours for 205.44 dollars which are 740 new shekels only.

The Best Of , Now at unprecedented prices

These are deals that are impossible to ignore, considering that this is one of the most popular drives in the home market - pleasant shopping!

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