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Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2080 SUPER video card in review

Introduction and a closer look

Geforce RTX 2080's Getting refreshed - and we took the refreshed model for a ride to gauge the extra performance it gets for the price

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The last few weeks has begun Refreshing its existing video cards in the new Geforce series, the RTX. We believe this refresh has two main goals, one of which is to respond to the new video cards from home And the second is the moving of units from the various manufacturers' warehouses.

Refresh gave The name SUPER - and we think she could definitely choose something a little more user-friendly. We would not object there like 2085 for example instead 2080 SUPER.

While the- Gave the SUPER treatment to RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 with the aim of giving an answer and competition to, You can't help but scratch your head and ask for some reason too 2080 has been refreshed. Still, it's hard to complain when there's really no competition in this segment of over 600 dollars.

big time, Made two changes between The standard 2080 and the SUPER model. The amount of internal CUDA processors increased from 2,944 to 3,072 (4% increment), and the effective memory speed increased from 14Gbps to 15.5Gbps. The core operation frequency during play officially increases from 1710MHz to 1815MHz, although the frequencies in operation are higher in both cases.

Yes, these are the changes that have been made, and are the smallest of all upgrades so far. It's actually one of the cool refreshments we've seen in recent years. The suggested price of RTX 2080 up to the launch of the SUPER was about $ 690. Today the RTX 2080 SUPER models start at about 740 dollars, and in fact this is the price tag of the model we received for review from. The price of a direct purchase from Amazon will cost about NIS 3,250. At the time of purchase, you can sign up for a fourth year of warranty for this model, not bad.

As one of the cheapest models currently available for RTX 2080 Super, this Gigabyte model called OC 8G already gives From factory and cooling 2.5 advanced locks.

The display ports include an 3 type assembly 1.4, one HDMI 2.0 type and port Type-C designed for the VirtualLink protocol for VR binoculars. Port Not used to transmit information from the smartphone, to anyone.

The power requirement from the card is an 8PIN connection and an 6PIN power supply. Along with the overall drop in power supply, and the gradual increase in the quality of power supplies, finding a quality power supplier today will amount to a minor cost compared to the monstrous price of like this.

The thickness of the video card is 2.5 slots. It is important to make sure that the motherboard has enough space for this video card if you want to install additional expansion cards or for chassis compatibility. The length of the card is 28.6 inches, so it is actually not very long compared to many other models in the price range.

The heat sink itself is built in a fairly traditional method with Gigabyte when there is one plate that sits on the graphic memory and voltage stabilizers, and the body Another that features five copper tubes and aluminum hoists along the card. On top of all of this, there are three 92 millimeter controlled fans. Between different models the amount of pipes and the size of the pipes varies. Therefore, it is not always good to compare One after the models .

There is also a backplate that is used to cool the graphic memory and the back of the graphic core using thermal pads. A bad addition that also protects the board from physical damage.

The video card side logo is lit in RGB and can be controlled through the control software of , God- 2.0

Let's move on to the performance tests and see how the technical upgrade is helpful Against 2080 standard.


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  1. Here's a review, I particularly liked the recent performance price graph + a small improvement suggestion: as it now seems, the price difference between the rows because earnings are the same. Putting the price axis (Y) as such that represented the true value would, in my opinion, help convey the point even better of a financially significant addition with very marginal value to the high segment performance.

    By the way, this is a common and quite likely phenomenon in light of the market situation. If there is no competition in the top (and there is no) then NV can demand as much as it wants. When there is no much easier alternative to opening the wallet because "there is no choice, I owe every possible FPS."

  2. It is also worthwhile to hottest the 1080 for comparisons. Rises a third and gives Fayette a series over him.

  3. I really liked the last part. Very true and relevant. I would not pay more than 400 dollars today (RX 5700 XT). (Lol and I bought the RX580 at 100 dollars: P)

  4. Certainly it is the least "impressive" card of all three Rivers, and generally the most exciting in terms of overall value for money.

    Even if the pricing was better, the 2070S does a great job of reducing the gaps and of course costs less.

  5. This price-to-money ratio is no longer really relevant. It is for those who have and money is not a particularly limiting factor

  6. There is a kind of poor grip on the one hand come out very expensive cards that there is nothing that can really use them that cost-effective ??? . Nowadays other than 3 titles there are actually no games that use RTX maybe it is intended for a different market (not games)

  7. Not really eye-catching, just aggressive marketing that is needed (for NV and its CEO) because the product just doesn't sell itself and doesn't convince it to.
    NV will continue to push this feature to create an (extra) advantage over AMD and Intel that will be in the picture for another year.

    Everyone says this is true even now RT is not ripe at the moment and will only be relevant when NV dropped to 7NM in the production process (AMD will have to find another solution because they are already there but without any RT capabilities)

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