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Shopping time: Double water cooling at no VAT

Amazon provides us with several more high quality hardware deals during these busy days

Don't just think of buying new hardware when the Corona virus threatens to burst and put us all into home isolation - but the online shopping giant We continue to broadcast business as usual With more prices Which is difficult to refuse.

Interested in upgrading your computer's cooling system from air cooling to CCTV without tearing your pockets? God- MasterLiquid LC240E is here for you with a final price tag of $ 64.99 including home delivery and no extra for VAT, equipped with a 240-millimeter radiator with a 120-mm fan to help heat dissipation Built-in, plus a physical controller to control the various illumination modes without the need for software applications.

About NIS 230 includes the expected conversion fee - compared to prices of NIS 300 and more for similar water heaters with dual radiators in local stores.

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Amazon Free Shipping Benefit Makes An Online Purchase Of Means It pays extraordinarily well - especially when the cost is lower than the Israeli tax exemption threshold

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Need an up-to-date gaming mouse? You will find the Fresh Viper in its wired version, with an ambidextrous design for comfortable use with the left or right hand, a minimum weight of only 69 grams, a built-in color illumination of 16.8 million shades and eight different programmable buttons - for a final price of $ 59.99 or NIS 210, compared to NIS 360 And higher in Israel.

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Good mouse from a good house - at its lowest price so far

Want a gaming keyboard too? Huntsman's unique model With optoelectronic mechanisms designed to be extremely agile and precise, and of course illuminating Chroma is controllable and customizable, sold for $ 113.71 including taxes and shipping up to the house door - a little less than NIS 400 compared to prices of NIS 470 and more here in the country.

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Think that keyboards with optical mechanisms are the future? You have a good chance to regenerate in one of the most prominent technologies

For dessert, there are also modest wired headsets tailored to PCs and Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo consoles - the Kraken X's lightweight model Black Tone sells for only $ 39.99 with free shipping eligibility, so with the addition of additional product or products for $ 10 or more you can get it for about NIS 140 instead of NIS 215 and up in Israeli stores.

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