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The Daily Deal in High Gear: Dozens of Storage Drives at Big Discounts

Amazon is partnering with Western Digital - returning promotional prices for a variety of models And mechanical models of all types and volumes

The end of the civil year is another moment here - and strangely, the offer of Free American shipping for tens of thousands of items is still valid, and so are prices High-quality reminiscent of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday's frenzy at the end of last month. In other words, the celebration goes on - and we're here again to make you order and submit the best deals to you.

Internal 2TB drive for your PC at minimum price - $ 49.99 for WD Blue at 5,400 rpm and 256MB of Dynamic cache, without the need for add-ons for VAT or shipping. NIS 175, compared to NIS 255 or more for the same volume in the country.

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Time to upgrade to mechanical storage without breaking the money box

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drive Popular and worthy of a compact M.2 configuration of the WD Blue 3D sample (Please note - with SATA support, not NVMe) With one terabyte of volume, you will have your own $ 121.29 including VAT, which is only NIS 425 or 42.5 quarts per gigabyte of Has five years warranty.

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The USB drive The formidable Black SN750 WD, capable of delivering continuous transfer speeds of more than 3,400 MB per second, is once again available at no VAT and free shipping for 500GB volume - a final price of only $ 69.99, or only NIS 245 Compared to huge prices of over NIS 500 for the same volume of the same model in stores in Israel.

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A pair of sub-models for the same high-quality drive - both at very cut prices

Interested in the upgraded WD Black SN750 drive, with body A handsome metallic overlay designed to optimize performance in any operation and environment can pay $ 109.08 for a volume of 500GB, about NIS 375. Pays less than the same model without Due to the additional VAT required - but still far more lucrative than any price tag you will encounter in stores in Israel.

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The USB drive The modest and efficient WD Blue SN500 family, with a volume of 250GB, sells for only $ 45.99 - and if you add another suitable product at a single dollar price you can get them both together at no cost, so the product's price is only NIS 165.

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Also the traditional 2.5-inch SATA model of the drive The WD Blue family of terabytes is only available at a base price of $ 99.99, similar to the corresponding drive in M.2 configuration we wrote you a few paragraphs ago - here too the final price received is $ 121.07 which is more or less NIS 425 and less than NIS 200 From the lowest price of the same model in Israeli stores.

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Another outstanding storage drive in terms of volume for the Blue family It is a 3.5-inch internal mechanical drive - with a base price of $ 119.99 for a 6TB at 5,400 rpm and combined with 256MB cache. The price plus taxes (and free shipping to Israel of course) is $ 145.78, which is NIS 510 And less than NIS 100 per terabyte of reliable storage (with an average score of 4.4 out of 5 on the platform of Based on more than 22,000 different ratings).

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For dessert, a WD Red mechanical drive designed for home NAS systems with dedicated, large-scale and durable durability - available at no shipping cost and VAT-free for 2TB volume. 5,400rpm rotation speed, 256MB cache and final cost tag of $ 69.99 or NIS 245 could be a bad basis for an array I have a modest network to put together.

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  1. There is also Seagate Backup Plus 5TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD
    At about NIS 378.

      1. Happily, how the price has gone up again (at $ 24)
        The previous price was $ 89, and includes $ 109.

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