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Dynamic memories and SSD drives: Network hardware operations

Let's get Samsung's renowned 970 EVO drive at the lowest price to date - and memories Especially high quality at a price without VAT

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Hardware operations do not stop dribbling on us, giving more and more good reasons to open your wallet and spend a little (or a lot) for winking upgrades.

Samsung's great 970 EVO drive in terabyte capacity Available at a great price of 210.59 EUR in Amazon, Germany including shipping and VAT - only about NIS 860, compared to more than NIS 1,100 in the local market.

DDR4 memories continue to fall rapidly in their price levels, and now you have the opportunity to enjoy From a single 16GB module from Patriot at 2,400MHz and CL17 At the price of 67.1 USD ONLY (245 SHEKELS) - OR 16GB modules (8GB per module) from Team Group 2,400MHz and CL16 For 67.52 dollars.

16GB of Modern and of reasonable quality in less than NIS 250

If you are willing to invest a few dozen extra shekels you can enjoy An even more impressive set of memories from Corsair, with 16GB volume (8GB per module), 3,000MHz and CL15 Impressive - in 82.12 dollars (including ILS) including shipping to Israel.

The best deal for dynamic memories below the VAT exemption threshold?

JBL Bar Studio sound projector Available for purchase at the price of 160.82 dollars including shipping, ie approximately 580 shekels compared to costs of 850 shekels or more in Israel.

For convenience, 660p's Intel-based NVMe drives do not stop for a moment and can now be purchased at the price of 126.08 (NIS) To one terabyte volume And $ 237.19 ($ 855) To 2 terabytes - The cheapest ever!

The Newegg online store offers the great Corsair Force MP510 NVMe drives at very competitive prices: Volume 480GB Below the VAT exemption threshold with a final price of ILS 313.88 including delivery to Israel, Volume 960GB At a final price of NIS 630.7 Volume 1,920GB Maximum for ILS 1,241.46.

Very quick drives at budget prices

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