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Eight-core speeding: Core i9-9900K breaks records with the rush to 7.1GHz

Intel brings together some world-renowned fast-trackers to take the new model to the limit of physics - and break some highs for octagonal models on the way there

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The launch and first reviews proved that for those who do not want to save or find the most affordable price point, Core i9-9900K It is the best gaming processor created to date - and now Intel seems to want to ensure that the product will start being used by default for record breaking In the field.

How do you do this? With large gallons of exotic materials at a temperature not far from absolute zero and speed to frequencies that seem fanciful to most of us, of course.

The quick one And Deliding Operations Specialist The famous Der8auer used liquid helium, with a basic temperature of minus 230 degrees Celsius, a Maximus XI Gene Z390 motherboard from Asus, and a single, modest DDR4 memory module from G.Skill (for maximum stability) to bring the new cores To a peak 7,613MHz frequency for all its cores (and without eliminating HyperThreading technology) - this compares to the maximum 4,700MHz turbo frequency for all cores offered by the product when it comes straight from the factory.

Octagonal cores at almost unprecedented speed

This is the peak for Intel octopus processors, but it's worth noting that this is not a world record of octopus processors - that's because FX models from home Technically considered octagons according to HWBot achieved even more frenzied frequencies in their time, of 8,700MHz and even more than that.

This enormous frequency of Der8auer was not stable enough to allow performance testing, not surprisingly, to do so The overclocks that meet the names Steponz and Spalve were recruitedLiquid Nitrogen (typically minus 180 degrees Celsius "only") to set the Core i9-9900K to a working frequency of about 7.1GHz for all cores - and break 16 official records recognized by me Site database HWbot.

Some of the highs that broke out in the joint event between Intel and Assus have been broken again since the hands of other speeders who put their hands on the 9900K

15 from the broken records are for the octopus processor category - so they ousted Ryzen's 2700X from first place Or Core i7-7820X's Itself, while one record breaking record in the PCMark 10 test is a world record for all types of processors.

What surprises await us in next generation of HEDT When it comes to speeding up with extreme and advanced means?

Is there a chance that the i7-9800X The octagonal octopus family coming soon will help break the newly set highs and continue this race? We'll see.


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  1. Intel supplies these chips with chips that they know are high-quality, or are 9900K identical to those in stores, and theoretically you can restore the result with any similar processor?

    1. Carefully selected in advance.
      Even the stores already sort them and sell the chips at low working voltage
      Because regular deliveries also have more quality and less

    1. 4.7GHz maximum turbo frequency for all eight cores together - because the rush here was also performed for all cores together

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