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Eight cores, model number three: AMD prepares to launch the Ryzen 7 3750X

A new desktop processor from the chip developer has been viewed online - and may be more lucrative than 7 3800X

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Eight-core processors are quickly becoming a new default for many home market users, so it is natural to expect that we will see more of them in the near future. The Ryzen 3000 generation of Currently includes only a pair of eight-core models, the 7 3700X with a limited power casing of 65 watts and 7 The more elaborate 3800X with the 105 watt carrier casing - so it looks like that will soon change with a third model that will be somewhere midway between them.

A number of different sources on the network point to the existence of the Ryzen 7 3750X octagon core model, which supports SMT technology that gives it 16 processing capability of course, in 105 watt power supply - and for the AM4 resident. We do not yet know the expected operating frequencies of the model, although based on the current method of It specifies a basic working frequency for all cores but a maximum frequency may be reached Individual in optimal conditions, it is likely that only the actual performance test will show us how close it is to the capabilities of the The popular 7 3800X.

Many new models are on the way - and some of them sound absolutely intriguing

The Ryzen 7 3750X might not be a processor that is officially marketed to home consumers, but an OEM model for companies that make up computer systems - but we will certainly hold our fingers that we can get it at a value of $ 350 for a cost-benefit ratio Even better than the 105 watt offered in stores in the generation 2 today. Preparing for future launch of the generation From Intel with up to 10 cores (which will probably reduce the manufacturer's eight-core models)? Soon we will know.

What could be the intermediate price of a new octagonal model?

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