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Electrified memory from OCZ

OCZ has been known for a number of years for innovative products and especially for its high quality memory modules and most often not very expensive. OCZ products are primarily aimed at the more professional market of computer consumers - with its products performing exceptionally well under extreme conditions. This consumer audience demands its memory, in particular, performance beyond what is excellent about packaging and good OC capabilities.

It seems that this time the OCZ has responded to its challenge and has not been answered by many other companies in the past. Every Overclocker knows that the key (in many cases) to high processor speed is memory (and its durability at high clock rates) and memory is often required at high voltages to provide these speeds. Giving high voltage to memory in many cases can increase its performance but can also shorten its life capacity over time. Therefore consumers' demand for memory is resistant to extremely high voltages without risking memory life.

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The new OCZ product does just that, the new memory - PC-3200 Gold VX, was specifically built to withstand extremely high memory voltages. The above memory is subject to up to 3.5V voltages and is still under the responsibility of the company (most companies limit their memory responsibility to 2.8V voltage only). Memory performance is not bad at all - when 2.8V standard voltage displays 2-3-3 timings But at peak 3.2V voltage the timing reaches 2-2-2. In addition to high timing, memory also shows high performance when it comes to clock speeds.

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