Encore: More excellent laptops at Amazon

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If you do not have a basic fear of ordering large products online, you can now get computers Of various types with a very significant reduction

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Call it Post-Black Friday or call it Cyber ​​Monday preparation, it does not really matter - the interesting deals around Amazon are still going on now, so we decided to recommend you a few computers Which is very worthwhile to purchase online.

At Amazon, Germany, until midnight today, Powerful laptop of Lenovo Which can be used both for gaming and for significant editing and development - this is the company's popular Y50-70, which will soon be replaced with newer models, but until that happens you can get a device with an 15.6-inch IPS and FullHD resolution, Core i7-4702HQ Quad core, drive 512GB volume, 8GB RAM, system 8.1 (with free upgrade to 10 windows, of course) and especially a GeForce GTX 960M video card with 4GB's . All these for about EUR 1,040 including taxes and official shipping to Israel.


Needless to say, a similar model will cost a few thousand shekels more than this price in Israel, so if you want the most powerful mobile you can get before you jump into the gaming world, this is a very worthwhile option.

Amazon offers the US Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet (Not to be confused with the larger and larger Surface Pro models) with a discount of $ 100 for a version that includes a FullHD Full-size 10.8 screen, an x7-Z8700 quad-core atom chip, 10 and volume Built-in 128GB - translated into official 500 dollars only. There is no official shipping to Israel, but the use of Buy2USA shipping services and its counterparts is supposed to provide a very worthwhile final price of 2,500 NIS - cheaper by 33 than the price for the same model we found in Zap.


Those who are interested in a hybrid, compact and even cheaper Windows mobile phone can get the The Asus Transformer T200TA, With an 11.6 screen with an 768p IPS panel, a quad-core Z3775 processor, 2GB of RAM, built-in 32GB storage and a system 8.1 with free upgrade to 10 windows - all for 250 dollars, when shipping via third party company is supposed to bring the price to the area of ​​1,400 NIS, which does not prevent the transaction to be absolutely worthwhile There is also a model with 4GB of memory And 64GB of volume , But at the price of 450 dollars it seems better to prefer the - 3 from the paragraph up on its face.

For dessert, we'll also tell you about a big gaming console of Asus The ROG GL752 sample, Which offers a FullHD Full-size IPS screen and an 17.3-inch screen, a core i7-6700HQ core quad-core processor, 16GB RAM, terabyte-based hard drive storage and 7200RPM speed, 10 and GeForce GTX 960M Graphics Card with 2GB 's . The cost in Amazon USA, or 1,030 dollars, including taxes and direct delivery to Israel is not cheap, but it is still much more profitable than the prices you can find for similar gaming devices here in Israel.


How do you send to Israel?

Some of the products are officially shipped to Israel by Amazon or by one of the third party companies operating on its website, but even if there is no Amazon, we recommend Buy2USA.

If you still do not have a Buy2USA user, Subscribe to the service here - and at the end of the process you will receive standard address information in the United States, which you will need to enter as the delivery address at Amazon. The products you purchase will be sent to Buy2USA's stores in the United States, and from there will be sent to your home in Israel by air or sea delivery of your choice.


Moreover, Buy2USA will allow you to Check in real time The estimated price of the shipment for each product and product on the site (Depending on its type, physical size and weight), and the payment of the added tax required, if required, by state law - and actually give you an estimate of the final and full price of the product you are interested in, so that you can make easy comparison with other offers in Israel or abroad.


The price list Of Buy2USA - if you do not want to use the service Automatic price estimation of the company

Buy2USA also offers Discounts Of 25 per cent on shipping services to Israel and payers via account , And 15 discount rates for those paying with credit cards - so this whole business should be even more profitable these days.