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All ready to launch: Radeon RX 590 models leak to the network

The technical details of the latest evolution of the E- Are verifying from multiple sources, and now we seem to be in a moment before the official announcement that you will also disclose the intended prices

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The last Polaris is definitely closer than ever, it seems. The Videocardz website obtained information about a pair of cards XXUMX and XFX, which confirm that what we will receive here will be the same Polaris core with 590 central processing units, 2,304 ROP units and 32 units for texture mapping, RX 580 - although this time based on the 12 nm manufacturing process at TSMC instead of manufacturing The competitor .

Tickets will be offered with 8GB by default, and with the same effective 8GHz frequency - and what will actually improve performance is the core running frequency, which may be above 1,500MHz in Boost mode on all models launched, compared to 1,340MHz Boost frequency for the RX 580 .

The transition of To base itself on the tribes of It should be perfect soon

The card is from It will offer a maximum turbocharged 1,560MHz from the box along with Light of the graphics memory to 8.4GHz, which should give it potential Is approximately 15 higher than the RX 580 value. Enough to win all the versions of the GTX 1060? We'll soon find out.

The number of models available will be relatively modest, at least initially
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The XFX model will offer an array Very massive, even giving it the (official) Fatboy name, reaching an even higher 1,600MHz boost frequency - nearly 20 above what we saw in the core Previously.

A promising contender for the title of video card with the strangest name for 2018

The Nitro Plus Special Edition model even made a brief debut on the Canadian store of Newegg, where it was pinned with a decidedly high price tag of 500 Canadian dollars, or 380 US dollars - and here we hope this is an innocent mistake and not a cost close to the real one. - And its partners think to place for the product.

Appearing in an online store has provided us with a flood of technical details - but also a price that is a cause for concern

The official announcement may take place at the end of the week, at 15 in November, so to our delight there are not too many opportunities for uncertainty and uncertainty. Watch as soon as possible!


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  1. With reasonable price and good OC capabilities it can sell in beautiful numbers, wait and look :-).

  2. Before the tests, the rx580 is equal to gtx1060. Each leads in other games but note that all the reviews in the summary are balanced there

  3. Top reviews

    MSRP $ 280

    Looks like 580 with OC, only minor import that is usually reflected in the improvement of a few single premiums. Definitely not worth the extra price.

  4. Electric efficiency is absolutely shocking. All the 12NM process improvements were pushed to bring out another MHZ and set a peak power consumption for intermediate cards. Almost 2 used on average and over 2 in kithun situations relative to direct competitor 1060.
    AMD Classic.

    Beyond that, there is no news here - more performance in direct proportion to price increases (Style NV). Only free games somehow make it relevant to some people. They missed the great potential they had.

    /monthly_2018_11/power_peak.png.2dc313e1f01831a76bad71fb57a34ace.png" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image">

    The reason for the high price is that there is a surplus stock of RX580 from the mining that need Lipater financed and it will take time, at the end of the 590 will replace the 580 and the price will be like the 580.

    Excess inventory was said by LISA SU in a conversation to investors.

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