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Exclusive photos of the 9800GTX

Exclusive photos from CeBIT 2008 of the third card in the NVIDIA 9 series.
Company NVIDIA launched a few days ago The monster Its new bi-directional, GeForce 9800GX2, Which replaces The 8800Ultra, the king of its current performance. The new card has become the second of its kind in the history of the GeForce series, And joined 7950GX2. However, it turns out that all eyes are already directed to the next card that the company intends to launch on -1 for April, Two weeks after the launch of the 9800GX2. The card in question is of course the 9800GTX that is expected to replace the company's old 8800GTX. First details on this card We revealed at the beginning of the year And just a few weeks ago We brought you the technical specifications Of the new card.
As we toured the exhibition, a number of card makers presented the 9800GX2 to us in private, despite NVIDIA's ban on advertising. However, no company dared to introduce the 9800GTX. This may be due to a stricter advertising ban. According to additional information, it appears that NVIDIA did not allow the various companies to produce the card in question before the exhibition, apparently to prevent what happened with the 9800GX2.
Although in the last few weeks the performance results of the card in question have leaked to the network, few have managed to put their hands on the card and publish pictures of the network. That's why we are thrilled to announce that we have been able to obtain first pictures of the card, from an unofficial source. While we can not say for certain that this is 9800GTX, we could not remove the cooling and look at the caption on the core, but all the evidence indicates that this is indeed the coveted ticket. The original cooling of the card is Like the 8800GTS card, But in our pictures the card comes with The new and powerful Accelero Xtreme Cooling. This also shows that the new cooling system is also compatible with a card that has not yet been launched. It is also important to note that with ventilators it is noticeably noticeable relative to the original cooling.


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  1. disgusting
    Either the company is on the verge of collapse, or it's planning something really sophisticated. These cards are not much stronger than the 8800GT, but huge and insanely resourceful! I've been waiting for this series for a very long time, and for now, it's only disappointing me. I am more and more complete with my decision to buy 8800GT.

  2. On 1 in April
    They will take it out, and no one will believe that such a card is poor.

  3. A small correction to the article
    "To replace the current performance 8800Ultra"

    The current performance king is the HD3870X2

  4. April 1
    Lol everyone will wait for the card ..
    In April 1 NVIDIA will tell us: "1 in April we worked on you"

  5. To the number 8
    The comparison is made against standard and non-duplicate cards. 3870 × 2 as well as 9800gx2 are actually built-in SLI \ CROSSFIRE arrays.

  6. To 8 and 10
    There was indeed a mistake, I forgot the word "her". The 8800 Ultra is Enojeda's current performance king and that's what I mean. Anyway, the mistake was fixed.

    With me.

  7. Clarifying the previous response
    Want to make it clear that what I wanted to say in the previous comment is that before the launch of the GX2 Ultra 8800 card was the king of the company's performance.

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