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Exclusive G84 images

First images of next-generation cards for the mid-market NVIDIA, differentials are clear in performance and pricing accordingly.
NVIDIA is working hard to increase the new generation of DirectX10-enabled family of cards. 8800 cards are currently the hot hit of the market and the front of technology in graphics accelerators, but unfortunately these cards are designed for the high market and painfully expensive.
Currently, there is still no company card in the new series for the middle market, and in the absence of a similar answer from ATI it is worth her to rush in as long as it has an advantage. Today we have been able to put our hands on 3 samples of such cards, and bring you exclusive pictures.
Here are 3 cards targeting the middle market, 8600GTS, 8600GT, and 8500GT. The strongest in the group is the 8600GTS and is the only one with a voltage input from the supplier. According to our sources, the card will cost more than initially announced, as 250 $, although this price is not final and will probably be determined by market demand, although we expect NVIDIA to cut a coupon as long as ATI stumbles behind.
The cards will have GDDR3 memory in varying volumes, although here too there are too many variables entering the picture and all the final details have not yet been revealed.
And what about performance? Well, the 8600GTS card is supposed to produce 5500 points in 3DMark2006, 8600GT will generate 4700 points, and 8500GT will produce a very odd 2400 point, according to our sources, for a system with the same specification.
It is not clear to us why there is so much difference in performance between the last ticket and the other cards in the medium series, especially in view of the small difference in price (about $ 50 less than the next card in the series). Also, the latter is the only one of the cards that will be able to offer passive cooling, and we expect a small flood of these cards in the market, since it is the natural successor to the 7600GS.
This is the target date for launch, when NVIDIA must hurry up, since the date for the launch of the new ATI cards should be announced these days and from what we have heard they are preparing to launch very very big, and do not want to be left behind.
The G86 core that runs 8500GT


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  1. Again, the low market is down
    I was expecting a much stronger 8500GT, and was disappointed. It's just not worth buying it when 8600GT is $ 50 and almost twice as fast.

  2. What is the enthusiasm for photographing a PCB ?! Enough already.
    Every six months everyone makes new pictures of circles under names and a new number that presents the video cards from a new series. Like what does it do for someone here to see circles? After all, if you search Google, you'll see that all the weak tickets look the same!
    5600 6600 7600 8600 And ​​another year 9600 will look exactly the same. Interesting to know performance, but every second to dedicate a whole new image to capacitors, transistors, resistors and the like? Make you healthy.
    PS - The 8500 really SUCKS BIG TIME.

  3. cat
    It seems as if Annabydia is going to fall hard with the new tickets, right up to the big ATI boom

  4. Every inside….
    Are you serious about 8500GT ??? About the 2400 points he brings ??? The 7600GT in the last test I did reaches more than the 3700-3500 (without overclock)!

  5. To my father
    What are you pressing? Check it out on a computer system like I know for my clients, an advanced Pentium 4 with no less than 128 memory, yes yes. The most advanced there is.

    Only Perrier Israelis eat it and I get rich day by day.

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