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A new concept enables the creation of passive cooling for even the most powerful hardware

A company named Calyos introduces an advanced workstation with a hexagonal processor and a graphics card model GTX X - No fans needed at all

The pursuit of quiet and secrecy has accompanied the computer world for many years. In which we saw a significant increase in the popularity of solutions Closed circuit liquid, video cards, and power supplies that stop their fans from operating when the load is low enough, and even laptops of a variety of types that skip the rotating components Passive to absolute silence.

The great challenge remaining is to provide a way to passively cool even high-power and high-power components that emit extremely large amounts of heat that needs to be disposed of - and now we may see a revolution in this area as well, thanks to a Belgian company called Calyos Which is engaged in developing systems For a wide range of uses and applications.


The company has created a powerful workstation based on a processor i7-5820K Hexagon-E, MSI X99 SLI Plus panel and GeForce GTX Titan X video card with a very significant thermal envelope of about 250 watts. The components are all installed in Lian Li's customized PCO7S chassis - and both the processor and the video card are equipped with dedicated adapters that transfer heat to their bodies. Which is actually part of the package itself, as can be seen in the pictures below.


Calyos claim that this solution allows both the processor and the video card to run the performance tests 3DMark (no specific version specified) and Prime95 without crossing 75 degrees - which seems to make it more efficient than solutions Active air. A fanless fan completes the image, thus this working position should provide cool temperatures even under load without causing any noise.


Soon for all of us? We'll keep our fingers on it

It's unclear how much the unique computer costs (our guess: a lot), but assuming the technology does work as stated, we believe it won't be too long before we start to see more popular applications for it - ones that will help even our average home users get a silent, almost independent system In the interior. A dream come true or not? Tell us in the comments.



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  1. This is not a new idea. What is special here is the direct coupling by heatpipes between the heat source and the cooled ribs with the huge surface area - to the chassis.

  2. It is interesting to know what one of the components entails, ie a processor or video card replacement.
    Hope not need a long school day / breakup.

  3. For anyone who doesn't know yet .. This idea is an Israeli idea originally !!!!!! _ (As of GTX700)
    Our Israelis have made a soldier in the field and deserve the credit!
    (Could we have had a website here about two years ago .. or maybe I read it in one of the magazines)

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