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Expensive but groundbreaking: Everything you need to know about the Radeon R9 Nano

The card that promises In a tiny package is fully exposed and surprisingly successful, yet it may disappoint many of those waiting for it

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Yesterday (the 27 in August) was the day that may be remembered as the beginning of a new era in the graphics processing world - thanks to the official launch of the R9 Nano.

Official reviews are still not available, which probably indicates that the launch date is very close to the time when the products began to fall off production lines (which in turn made it impossible for the card to be accepted and completed inspections prior to launch) It also has its own - which is why you can already understand the direction the manufacturer has chosen for this unique product. Here's everything you need to know.

Source: videocardz.com
Source: videocardz.com

It's small

We knew that from the first moment we saw him. The R9 Nano takes up two slots in the package based on the Its air, and its length is only six inches - about 2 inches, which makes it a heavenly gift for the mini-ITX boards and the compact chassis that only supports them.


There is no doubt here - the R9 Nano is the most powerful thing you can include in the tiny Mini-ITX configuration, and by far. However, as you will find out later - it will cost us a lot more than we wished.

It is powerful

To date, the most powerful, compact graphics card available on the market was the GeForce GTX 970, which was offered by several 7-inch manufacturers (about 18 centimeters). The R9 Nano is not only an even smaller one, 6-inch, but it also ensures better performance by several tens of percent (about 30 percent in optimal condition, herself).


The memories of the HBM, along with the full utilization of aging production technology in 28 nanometers, To create a product that is even more unique and powerful than we expected at the outset. Even if actual performance will be a little less impressive than "We are talking about a technological wonder in the full sense of the word, and all we have to do is say 'aspire' and at the same time try to imagine how amazing the double-core Fiji card that the red manufacturer is going to present in a few months.

Is expensive

Just as one cannot deny the impressive capabilities of this video card in relation to its size, so can it not be denied that the price of 650 dollars (about NIS 2,552 in direct conversion, and probably much more practically in the country) it set It's way too high.

The card, which is expected to offer performance similar to that of the GTX 980 and the Radeon Fury, will have a hard time justifying a price higher in 100 to 150 dollars, all the more so considering the huge speed capabilities of the competitor (Which apparently will not have a real answer from AMD here either).


On the other hand, those who will be able to invest 650 dollars on their graphics card will be able to find the GTX 980 Ti and the Fury X, Are several times better than the R9 Nano, and even dimensions that are not much larger in the case of the Fury X (about 10 inches long).

As you could see from the video that appeared a few paragraphs ago - the R9 Nano will be a practical solution and only pays for very compact and very specific systems. All other systems and consumers will be able to find much more winking offers, both of them And on the one hand herself.

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there's hope?

After we finish "slaughtering" the R9 Nano for its high price, it's time to take a step back and try to look at the big picture. Fresh product of Is one of the most important in the world of graphic processing in recent years, and is probably the first glimpse into the future of the entire field.


Imagine the state of the market in about a year from now - with HBM2 technology delivering even higher volumes and memory performance in compact packaging like the one we see on Fury and R9 Nano today, and beyond the ultra-advanced FinFET production technology on 16 nm, Super compact as the Nano will be able to become the new standard in the field, with minimal compromises compared to the long tickets we now know.

The entire gaming world can be much more compact - double-core cards will no longer need to be monstrous in size (but the size of current "big" video cards), and probably notebooks can be much more powerful thanks to the trend that is starting to prove Now herself.

The R9 Nano is the beginning of a gaming revolution that will do better for all of us, even if it itself is not really relevant to most users
The R9 Nano is the beginning of a gaming revolution that will do better for all of us, even if it itself is not really relevant to most users

In a year or two, when you purchase a R9 Nano Power and Dimensions video card with less than half its current price - remember that without this lucrative video card, this trend would probably have been delayed considerably.

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