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eXtreme 360 - Video card for Intel gamers!

Who is the world's largest graphics core maker? NVIDIA? No. ATI? Please try again ...
Intel is the world's largest manufacturer of graphics processors (GPUs), with more than half of the world's computers working with a chip chip. True, these are the weakest chips that come in an understandable way on motherboards and laptops, but you can not ignore this tremendous power.

Today, Intel also seems to have realized the potential they have in hand as the company announces a new market - the non-integrated video card market, aimed primarily at consumers looking for high-performance games such as gamers. Intel has set up a new division in the company to support the new products, the Intel Graphics division, and it looks like it will now handle all other graphics processor families in the company.

Intel's integrated graphics chips are not much favored by the professional audience, and are considered very weak image processors. With the move to PCIe, Intel introduced the GMA family (Graphics Media Accelerator) models 900 and-950, Which have managed to deliver reasonable performance, DirectX 9 support and nice frequencies - but have not yet allowed real enjoyment from heavy applications like games.

About a year ago, Intel acquired a number of small graphics companies and today the picture seems to be becoming clearer. In a press release released today, the company said it was the founder of a new graphics processor family and plans to capture about 30% of the global non-integrated video card market in about a year. The new chip family will be called eXtreme, and will now include three models - 300, 360 and 360Super. The three chips will be manufactured using Intel's new 65 nanometer lithography manufacturing process, and they will support a host of exciting new technologies - according to Intel.

The eXtreme 360Super is the strongest of the three chips when it comes with an 675MHz core, GDDRXNUMM at an 3GHz frequency and an 1.4bit memory controller. The cards containing the 512Super will enjoy 360MB or 512MB of memory and of course PCIe X1024.

The eXtreme 360 should be an interim solution when it will undoubtedly be a strong card but it should be significantly cheaper than the 360Super. The standard version of the 360 will come with an 620MHz core, 3MB GDDR512, an 1.15GHz frequency, and an 512bit memory controller. According to Intel, the eXtreme 360 should be stronger than any card on the market at a similar price.

The eXtreme 360 - New King? (Click to enlarge)

The last card in the series is the eXtreme 300, which will be Intel's cheapest non-integrated card. The ticket is expected to show a popular price and allow for movies and plenty of other departures for those interested. The 300 will enjoy only 256MB of GDDR3 memory at 900MHz frequency and core at 450MHz frequency - definitely more than Intel's current GMA cards.

A number of companies have already announced that they will produce video cards with Intel's new chips, among which are ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Info-Tek, TUL and PINE.
The eXtreme chips are expected to be the first chips in the market that fully support DirectX 10 (Microsoft's new set of commands to be integrated into Windows Vista), high definition videos and HDR. The new chips will also support many Intel technologies, such as RDR and TopVideo, and they certainly look interesting.

We still need three details - price, performance and availability date. While on the date we can tell that according to Intel this is September-October, the network does not yet have independent performance tests and the recommended prices are not - we will anyway - we will update.

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  1. What a card !!!
    Now just wait for AMD video cards - they'll tear Intel down on the Internet too!

  2. An artist to move me to a class ... over there
    What do I ask for? Just as my mobile processors are offended to the mantle or the graphics processors ... I look like a bomb ...

  3. The ticket fad looks alive!
    Wonder when it will come to us ..
    And this is the only card that supports DX10.

  4. Is there a situation that is a hoax?
    As you know today April 1 and I'm not really in a situation
    Of believing but if it really is not a stretch then it seems to be a very good thing even though the 675 kernel frequency in 65NM lithography seems a little low.

    Waiting for the Bunches!

  5. 1 in April
    Lol what a creep ..
    These goddesses don't make a Super Mario run card properly. : |

  6. The profit of us all
    Another company entering the video card market and that means more competition and lower prices and better cards (from the three companies)

  7. Yes, this is indeed a hoax.
    After reading the comments here, and looking at the name and the box.
    I thought it must be a stretch, I giggled eXtreme 360 turns out it was some Voodoo: D card.

  8. Ramat Gan
    I use a built-in Intel GMA 950 card.
    Whoever wrote this article probably didn't really get into the details, because this card deserves a performance with most games, even those who say it doesn't support it.

    In addition, I got this card inside the motherboard, so I did not invest another penny in it, probably not a few hundred good shekels.

    Your canceled reference to this video card is wrong, and it's true that someday I will have to replace it, but so does anyone with Nvidia's FX5200, for example.
    The difference is that I invested less than 500, and I got almost the same performance.

    I don't think anyone who doesn't have a particular video card, and never saw it in action, can visit it ...

    think about it…

  9. Number 14
    You probably didn't get to work with an 500-1000 card…
    Try and then try to get back to your card…

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