• The Extreme processors of the Ivy Bridge generation will be delayed by HWzone

Extreme processors of the Ivy Bridge generation will be delayed

Apparently in order to authorize the launch of the Extreme processors to that of the server processors,Ivy Bridge-E. Not that they have any hurry ...
Many rumors have been heard recently about the Intel Extreme Platform, which has not been updated since The launch of theSandy Bridge E at the end of 2011. Some say it will be an extreme version of the -Ivy Bridge With eight or even 10 processing cores (which also means eight or 10 logical cores on each) and some say Intel will skip the X-Ivy Bridge E in favor of Haswell E. In any case, the launch is probably postponed for the last quarter of 2013.
The reasons for the delay are unclear, when Intel apparently wants to launch together,Core i7 With the new chip sets that are right for them (even though they are also panels) X79 "Outdated" will support new processors after an update BIOS ) And the server versions, which will contain between 10 and 12 cores Ivy Bridge EP Or even already Haswell EP. In any case quantity Third-tier cache will increase from 20 toSandy Bridge E 30 megabytes inIvy Bridge-E.
The competition is not on the horizon ...
The sad thing is that Intel does not really have to hurry. There is no lack of performance even inSandy Bridge E Which contains only "six" cores, it is sold at the traditional price of 1000 dollars for processor and high-AMD There is still no real answer for him. We're looking forward to the day when-AMD There will be competition even for the more obsolete processors , Which may force them to lower the prices of those tagged as "Core i7".


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