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Feel the new generation in the air: Ryzen processors at the lowest prices

Price cuts are added to the two current generations at home Provides excellent timing for purchase or upgrade

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We are fast approaching the 2019 Computex Exhibition which should give us the intriguing announcement for the third generation of Ryzen processors, with sophisticated Zen 2 cores based on the 7 nm manufacturing process - and it seems that And its partners are determined to make order in the existing inventory before it happens. Almost all generation models The second one now has another price drop in Amazon, which means we all have a golden opportunity to get a processor with four, six or even eight most competitive cores.

Ryzen 7 2700X, With up to 4.3GHz operating frequency and Wraith Prism LED cooling with built-in illumination, sold for 345.01 dollars including VAT and shipping, ie NIS 1,230.

Also a body Nice and also Impressive - at least NNXX for less than we have seen to date

A modern octagonal model with a slightly lower operating speeds and a power envelope of 65 watts instead of 95 watts, The Ryzen 7 2700, Is also available at a great price of 240.87 dollars including VAT and shipping Wraith Spire LED, which means about NIS 860.

Want more accessible octagons? The Ryzen 7 1700X וThe Ryzen 7 1700 First generation In the new era, prices of 211.09 (not including refrigeration equipment) and 214.13 (US $) are sold Wraith Spire LED), respectively: NIS 755 and NIS 765.

No, it's not a dream - there is Cores are less than NIS 800, not just smartphones

The six cores can be found The leading Ryzen 5 2600X, Including a compatible heat sink, at the price of 202.41 USD or NIS 725 The Ryzen 5 2600 With a cooler at $ 184.88 or about NIS 660 - and the The previous generation Ryzen 5 1600 Along with a body At a bargain price of 151.89 dollars which are 545 shekels.

For dessert, quad-core processors are available at prices less than 400 shekels: The Ryzen 3 2200G with a built-in Vega 8 core At the price of 105.79 USD, or ILS 380, andThe Ryzen 3 1200 with cooling and without a graphics core At the price of 81.13 USD only including shipping, or 290 shekels.

The Ryzen 3 processors give an impressive battle for the Core i3 models - and hold a promising upgrade horizon to the generation of The fourth, at least

Is it possible that price levels appear even cheaper after the announcement of a new generation, which may scramble the cards when it comes to efficiency and performance level Individual? We hope to find out very soon, but until that happens, it is very difficult not to be tempted by the existing proposals.


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  1. I read a few months ago that AMD's third generation 8 / 16 seems to be defeating INTEL's 8 / 16.
    is it true?

    Oh and something else (I think) very important:
    It defeats INTEL with lower power consumption than INTEL.
    Is it true or is it just a trick someone posted?

    1. We have had 3000 processors for about two years now in the site lab and we have accurate data to answer every question here exactly. or not.

      1. enough!
        What is?
        Now you touched sadness!
        My dear friend, I did not understand anything about your response.
        Please Beer?
        According to your response you can understand that you can answer what I asked but for some reason you did not answer.

        And about the response: "Two years in the lab?"
        Don't want to ask questions here, maybe in a private message please?

  2. His intention is that the processor did not come out, so as long as a test has not been performed after it is released, this question can not be answered.

    Leaks of their honor are in place, sometimes sometimes tearing.

    Lior's answer was met with cynicism.

      1. "1stcowgirl"
        What exactly "I now understood" when you didn't understand for years.
        Are you unemployed in general? Finger Signature or…?

  3. Thanks a lot Jonathan.
    It is also worth mentioning appropriate boards for AMD in the same article.

    1. "radar"
      You're the only fool who just didn't understand anything.
      How can a person seriously answer processors who have not yet come out, what is there to understand and why do you keep responding when you do not understand anything?
      Are you unemployed?

    1. "ea80"
      You do not understand how the economic world works if so, in general, you are not even oriented.

      1. In fact, I understand the economic world very well (from 2016 to be exact)… .I have AMD shares to prove… .but in response I said there was no relation or connection to the economic world but to my pocket world of everyone… .how did you get to the economic world? Didn't understand the poet's intent ??

  4. The sale of the 2700 has just ended
    Waiting for an update as he performs another, trust you

    1. In my opinion it is better to wait and see what the next generation might be worth buying rather than a previous one… and it should be noted that what you want from the system you are planning (is planning) to build (gaming editing etc etc etc)

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