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First photos of the Abit Fatal1ty NI8

After Abit announced the New products in the Fatal1ty series And, she adds another product to the list.
After NVIDIA announced that it will manufacture chipset chips for INTEL (the new nForce series for Intel processors), we finally have a new board with this chip. The board is called Fatal1ty NI8 SLI and uses the nForce 4 SLI chipset designed for Intel processors in the 775 socket.

The board is equipped with 3 fans that cool the chips of the board and their new chipset - Intel nForce 4 SLI. The board is also equipped with an 7.1 channel sound card, and a number of LEDs that will illuminate it, for your muddy enthusiasts.

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Along with the board is also attached the uGuru Panel which connects to the front of your chassis and adds many options. What is special about this panel - besides a temperature gauge and USB sockets, Firewire, headphones and microphone - is a reset button - which will probably ease the overclockers in between, who will now not have to open the chassis to do this. The bios reset button is protected by a special hard protector designed to prevent accidental reset.

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