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First images of PCX's AM2 board

Last week we wrote about kits The new SiS chips And we can now tell you about the first board that will use the company's 761GX kit and AMD AM2 chassis. The PCNIPS A33G panel will use the 761GX, the company's weaker kit that also has a built-in video card, and will support a dual DDR2 memory channel.

In addition to using the 761GX chip as the northern bridge of the board, the A33G will use the SiS 965L chip as a southern bridge. The board will include only two memory slots, PCIe and PCIeX16 slots, a built-in Mirage graphics chip, and of course The AM2 for the AMD Athlon 64 and Athlon X2 processors.

The table is expected to arrive in stores at the end of March, and details of its price (expected to be low) were not disclosed.

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