The first Kaby Lake-G computers on the way to the market from HP, Dell and ASUS?

Details from new models from test pools indicate that Intel's first processors integrating VEGA cores Will actually reach the mobile world

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A few days after we received a kind of official confirmation For the existence of the Core i7-8809G model From Intel, with four general processing cores and a G- RX Vega together on the same chassis and with a "target" for the 100 Watt power envelope - we get an indication that the first commercial computers that will offer this extraordinary combination will be mobile rather than stationary, i7-8705G.

A snapshot of one of the most famous 3DMR benchmark tests that was first introduced in the release reveals products from HP, Dell and Asus, all based on the chip in question that we have already known - with four physical processing cores and 8 logical processing core processing core Between 3.1GHz and 2.8GHz (variable between records) and core A built-in RX Vega M GL will almost certainly contain fewer clusters and processing core Vega M GH in i7-8809G.

Three different products - which according to their processor code contain the future G chips from Intel. If you believe the teller named Tum Apisak who provided the documentation

Specifically, the result of HP appears to come from a future model of the prestigious Spectre X360 - and that makes us wonder more about the processor, whose very existence has not yet been officially hinted at. The combination of hybrid laptops probably indicates that the Core i7-8705G has a significantly lower power envelope than the Core i7-8809G - a level of between 45 watts and 65 watts sounds like a reasonable hypothesis for a product that appears to be an efficient and advanced substitute More than the integration of dual 15 Watt processors into dedicated graphics cards such as the M150 MX Which are now available on small, light mobile phones.

This highlighted line is all the details we know about a family This is now integrated - all other data is based mainly on prophecies, rumors and guesses

All these details are very speculative at this point, but the mere thought that those chips that have been given the semi-official nickname Kaby Lake-G and incorporate graphic cores from Will be adapted to the mobile market, not just stationary computers, it is intriguing and promising - and we are having a hard time keeping the wait until we finally get more verified technical details about the project. Agree with us? Share comments.

The same Tum Apisak has already provided us with fragments of information that were discovered to be accurate about the CPU, i7-8809G, and therefore there seems to be a basis for believing that the details about the i- i7-8705G may be compatible with reality