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First photos of the XO?

About Project OLPC Of Professor Nicholas Negroponte must have been heard. Final plastic design, Without hardware, of the computer was introduced several times, the last time at the beginning of the year. Since then the company has also come out Development Systems Facts, But the computer itself, with its hardware, was not presented when it was working. This week, a meeting of the project leaders was held with the task force of the first seven countries in which the first pilot of the project will be launched. From the meeting came what looked like First images of the computer working And there is also video Which he had taken One of the participants.

The new model presented to the representatives is slightly different from the last green design presented by Negroponte. The model will probably be offered in a number of different colors, depending on which countries will purchase it, but the specification and structure will remain the same. System displayed Includes a 840 × 480 resolution monitor, but the version produced may have 1290 × 900 resolution. This is different from the resolutions NegroFonte has been talking about recently and the numbers are likely to continue to change in the coming months as planning continues. And planning is definitely going on and there are constantly updates, for example, a team working on the operating system has been able to reduce from 400MB to 250MB. In addition, 15's first models of working computers were successfully assembled and tested as full and fact-checking systems were released to developers in mid-June.

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The project in question has gained many support and no less than 9 and commercial companiesUnited Nations Stand behind him and support him. But like everything else here, too Skeptical and opposed to the idea. Some of the skeptics come from the countries to which the mobile devices are intended. Some argue that the education budgets of those countries are too stretched and those leaders should now gamble on their careers, take a risk andInvest money in purchasing them mobile.

The XO works and runs Linux


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