Flashing or a joke? Intel will offer mobile processors with fast capabilities
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Flashing or a joke? Intel will offer mobile processors with fast capabilities

It is possible that the E- The new will provide us with first-class mobile K processors that can be speeded independently?

Only recently have we seen that the chip giant is not planning far-reaching changes in the world of their mobile processors, at least with regard to the U-line, which has long become the most popular and popular, thanks to the thin and thin category of laptops (still need to be called ultrabooks). However, a parallel report states that in the field of more powerful and advanced mobile processors, we may see a new and surprising proposal.

According to a small line on one of its official website (and an official slide with a similar message), Intel will launch K-core mobile quad processors that will soon have capabilities - seemingly a similar method to popular desktop K processors among performance and gaming enthusiasts. If the reporting is correct, this is great news, because to date the very limited and clear thermal envelopes of the mobile models have not allowed any change to their working frequencies outside of what they have been set by herself.


Technically, With open product and capabilities Already existed on mobile - but it was Very exotic and specific features that included desktop K processors in the chassis As opposed to the designated product that we are promised here

If we see Capable of speeding and perhaps even an open frequency multiplier on laptops, it is clear that They will need a dynamic frequency envelope and, above all, strict overheating protection, which will prevent amateur raisers from causing permanent damage to the entire system if they overload the frequencies or operate the computer in an environment that is not ideal.

After getting a glimpse of the first Xeon processors pre-designed for use in mobile systems, displaying capable models (Although it still sounds strange to us) will be able to make the next generation Most significant for the mobile platforms for many years - since first-core mobile models were launched, in fact.

Determined to prove that haste is a very significant business for her

As always, we'll keep track of the matter and will update you as soon as we find out more.

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  1. Technically, open-chip processors and fast capabilities already existed on mobile devices - but these were very exotic and specific mobile phones that included desktop K processors in a formidable mobile case, as opposed to the dedicated product promised to us here
    I see you startled by Yaniv (Sena) 's reaction to the mobile fuckers ..: yelclap:

  2. I already see cell phones replacing water cooling.
    Like this crazy (5GHZ in a mobile processor :-):

  3. It's amazing how many people went out of their way to call a "laptop" computer, only to invest 2 over unused power outlets.

  4. When you move between 4 different offices in one week. (Every time for a working day elsewhere)
    On the train. (I stopped driving)
    Understand the need for a uncompromisingly powerful master workstation that will also fit into a backpack.

  5. To se7en
    Today there are enough App Ss that do work just like TEAMVIEWER. The user does not need power, only a stable Internet connection is required.

  6. You work like that.
    I'm not in punishment.
    And the fact that the market agrees with me and provides appropriate machines.
    No demand, no supply and vice versa.

  7. I know someone who works like this. He has a strong stationary somewhere in a warehouse in Brooklyn, and he has been working (graphics and layout) for years from distant positions. He doesn't seem to have physically seen this computer in a long time.

    On the other hand the internet is fast and steady here with good upload speed, so this is not an example.

  8. Can't count on anything with all the places I've worked with this computer for the past year and a half.

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