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For Sale: The world's second largest SSD chipset

Company Is left with no choice and receives approval from the investors to sell the largest asset that it has (almost) to the highest bidder

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It's really unpleasant to see big, old tech companies crashing into the boards, but it's the big risk of expanding into many disciplines in an uncontrolled and under-calculated way - which is about the worst situation (Toshiba) these days.

After acquiring 2006 in the year 5.5 for a total of XNUMX billion, and in order to become the largest programmer and operator of nuclear reactors in the world, Announces the bankruptcy proceeding for the division due to consistent huge losses (which were also at the center of its scandal of financial reporting two years ago) - and this is a move that will result in a loss of $ 9 billion (!!!) for it in 2017 alone. In such a situation, the future of the corporation that was born in 1938 is all in real danger of continuing down the road.

One of the giant chip manufacturing plants In Japan - on the way to selling liquidation, and not his fault

Toshiba will have to make drastic moves, if only to keep its head above the water - and now the decision seems to be to say goodbye to the diamond in its crown: the big, profitable flash chip division. According to recent reports, Toshiba's key investors have unanimously approved making a deal to sell most of the holding, or even full sale, of the To the highest bidder, in a move that is supposed to bring in about 15 billion, and perhaps even more to its depleted coffers.

While the Japanese company is a sad farewell to the body it has lovingly built for over a decade, the rest of the big tech companies in the market are a real celebration, it seems - because not every day gets a chance to jump into an advanced and evolving field without having to spend many billions The research and development needed to align with the actors that are already based on it (but "only" a few billion in a set of factories that are already operating and bringing competitive and profitable output today, and not just as an option after years of huge investments).

Just recently we received a new generation of 3D chips In unprecedented volumes - and now it seems that another company could be the one to reap the fruits of this development

Due to the importance of the product to be offered here, it is not surprising to discover that almost every major company in the world is mentioned as an interested and potential purchaser of the spoken NAND division: Western Digital and its subsidiary SanDisk, a joint production plant with Toshiba in Japan, NAND chip manufacturing plants are shared with , SK Hynix, which is mainly known as a DRAM chip manufacturer and can take advantage of the situation to expand its supply. Computer giant Foxconn, chipmaker TSMC, Broadcom chip developer Apple, And Amazon are just a partial list of their names and may be of significant interest in making this investment.

Able to imagine Apple or Join the race and become chip makers themselves? There are those who claim that this is a real option

There is no arguing that we will not have long and fierce competition for the luxurious division, although it is not certain that the highest price will be the one that will win the whole box office - Japan's trading laws may curb bids from China and Taiwan, favoring those coming from the West, so this will be an interesting process is very.

the mother Will she survive as a member without her chip division, and even without the nuclear facilities division previously introduced as her second major pillar? This is also an interesting question that the answer is still unclear - expect more updates from us down the road.

What would she look like? Without its storage chips the day after the inevitable sale?


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  1. It's a good, interesting story, real news,
    Shock - Seeing a Japanese giant who led for decades comes into bankruptcy

  2. Companies that try to swallow huge ones that aren't necessarily in their direct line, or companies that are just too big ...
    Nature TOSHIBA ..

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