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For the first time: DDR4 of 16GB at 3,733MHz speed at no VAT

Need memories that are tested in high frequency work with a price tag of under NIS 300? This article is for you

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A few weeks ago we first saw Dynamics with 16GB volume tested at high speed 3,600MHz drop to an unprecedented price level of $ 74.99, a few months after qualitative but slightly lesser memories of 3,000MHz and 3,200MHz drop to this level - and now to this prestigious and relevant list of buyers Add a new level of agility.

Package of technology pair And 16GB total (8GB volume per module) from the American Patriot Viper Steel series, with a nice metallic heat diffuser and 3,733MHz speeds in the CL17 timings actually tested before reaching the product shelves (plus a more modest 2,133MHz speed test) - Have just dropped to a price level of $ 15, which requires no additional VAT and does not require a shipping fee according to the latest benefit of United States.

You can start dreaming about Of 4,000MHz at 16GB and VAT-free in the near future?

This price is used to cost a little less than NIS 265, including an expected conversion fee from the credit company - which is a very impressive deal for those who want maximum speed In their system, for one reason or another. Great shopping!

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