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From today: 32 gigabyte flash memory

Not long ago, gigabyte flash cards were the last word in memory, and from today all this is changing. Kursaier launches flash memory in a volume of frenzy compared to the volumes that have been seen in the market to this day - 32 GB!
Korsaire is launching new flash cards in volumes that will undoubtedly change the perception today in the world of flash memory. If so far we were used to memories of this type in relatively low volumes, which stopped roughly in the 4 gigabyte area, today we have a new volume card that is not yet seen on the market - 32 GB!
The Survivor is environmentally friendly
Corsaire launches two new models, the Flash Survivor and the Flash Voyager. The Survivor model comes wrapped in a waterproof aluminum package and can dive to a depth of 200 meters without causing any damage. The Voyager model is covered with a standard rubber coating and will be priced at $ 230 when the water resistant Surviver model is sold at $ 250.


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  1. The time has come, it seems they have already abandoned the flash
    It has so much jealousy and it's really cheap ...

    Hope to see you with models with more volume too, 60GB + =] Just a dream.

  2. APPLE promotes the market
    As said in previous articles, and Corsair provides an answer, I bet it will be integrated into their next player

  3. Good Morning…. Has been around for a long time
    It's good to know you've been selling 4GB flash memories in the country for 32 months, for example PQI U510.

  4. Arrested around 4GB?!?!
    I suggest the news writer return from 2005 to 2008…


  5. I'm going to invest in it!
    This is a breakthrough for me.
    And as soon as it arrives at my overseas stores, I will order these 2.

    (The aluminum of course)
    (Let's look at it…)

  6. The TIP is Toshiba's
    Last week I returned from Toshiba (worked there through my girlfriend)
    And I saw the 32GB DA… There is also 16GB which is also good enough

  7. Anyone who understands knows
    Already selling 32gb CF card on eBay for NIS 1000 including shipping.
    It annoys me that I bought 16gb six months ago for NIS 750 and now costs NIS 350….

  8. Beauty
    No need to install operating system on the slow and annoying disk No noise No heat No fear of destroying the data on the disk less space in the chassis will only continue to increase the volume and lower the price and with a good market it can be a hit thank you

  9. exorbitant price
    How many will dive with memory?
    How Much Will 200 Meters Get?

    There are cheaper 32 GB memories, no crap

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