Games with old and well-known file protections will not be supported by HWzone 10 windows
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Games with old and infamous file protections will not be supported by 10 windows

Remember the Securom and SafeDisc technologies that made gamers have a hard life during the last decade? 10 sees them as malware and will block using games that include them

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Somewhere at the turn of the 21, before the digital revolution helped to significantly reduce piracy in the gaming market on PCs, we saw an attempt to combat the phenomenon of drunk and drunk file protection (DRM) systems designed to prevent game executables from breaking out - and in most cases hurt Especially in the players who bought the titles for the best of their money, and less in the pirates who would enjoy the detours that would offer the various breakout teams across the net.

Due to the problematic nature of those protection methods, most of which have already been extinct to our delight, Microsoft has confirmed that 10 will not run games that are based on two of the most notorious (SecuROM and SafeDisc), because of their recognized potential as a cushion for various types of damage that can gain access to operating system fights.

spoken In a significant number Of titles from the previous decade, and also from the beginning of the current decade. Due to the known problematic of methods Many of those games already have simple tools that should be able to disable the messy defense system - but, on the bottom line, many players may find that their old games collection doesn't work in the new operating system.

There are quite a few methods for eliminating SecuROM and SafeDisc protections across the network, but not all of them are comfortable or particularly friendly to the average player

In the long run, it seems that the complete undermining of those awful file protection practices is a positive step, and we can only hope that the move will spur the keys and distributors to distribute defenses in all of their past titles - and perhaps even spur the GOG store, which announced its initiative a few months ago. As a result, it began to provide digital versions without Included for those who purchased protected versions of the same titles in the past.

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