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Asus and NVIDIA present the fastest gaming screen of all

Why settle for a screen that can only display 240 frames per second when you can go to the edge and choose a screen with a 50 percent increase in maximum display rate? Know the Swift 360

Only a few years ago, questions were raised about the real need for ultra-fast refresh screens, first in a wave of 144 Hz models and then for more advanced models reaching 240 Hz - but there seems to be widespread acceptance today for unique products These are capable of contributing and helping some consumers with their competitive gaming performance (even if they do not consciously feel it). Does that mean it's time to move on to the next extreme? Basus would rather discover the answer to this in a practical way and in front of everyone.

As part of the CES 2020 exhibition, we are officially announcing a new gaming model at the cutting edge - it is simply called ROG Swift 360, and is the first home desktop to support a refresh rate of up to 360 Hz, meaning the ability to display 360 different frames every second (connected to systems A computer capable of processing the information at a fast and stable rate accordingly). You thought 300 Hz screens on computers Are the record highs? Think again.

A new record for desktop screens - and probably not the last to be seen in the growing category

The ROG Swift 360 focuses on its agile display speed at the expense of most other features - which is why you'll get a 24.5-inch TN panel and a somewhat basic 1080p resolution. However, the screen has full support for G-Sync technology Which will ensure a virtually uniform and accurate display - and a well-known 'aggressive' gaming design that includes colorful illumination at the bottom of its class.

Famous design from previous gaming models of the - and relatively modest dimensions

The ROG Swift 360 has yet to receive an official launch date and price, but it is not surprising if it will later become a guest of honor in professional sports e-tournaments from the action genre that may earn more than any shortened stay time - when on It is believed that using this model can cut more than 40 percent in the average response time of players who have made this hobby a job and a career.

Will there be extra Tangible to use when compared to recent 240 Hz screens? During the current year we will find out the answer

Will 2020 see all the leading screen makers join the fresh trend and jump to over 300 Hz display rates? Based on the rising popularity of gaming screens with 240 Hz display rates now this sounds like a very logical prophecy.


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