GeForce GTX 900 - Anidia devours the cards

In a festive gaming event that began in the early morning, Anodia launched a new series of - God- GTX 900

After many months of waiting, it finally came. The new GeForce GTX 900 series of graphics cards has been launched. This series of video cards is based on the McSwall architecture that was first introduced on the graphics card Geforce GTX 750 Ti. It is manufactured as its predecessor in the process of 28 nanometers in the plant The Taiwanese.

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Still 28 nanometers? What do we gain from it?

At the Taiwanese TSMC plant there was a delay in moving to a new production process, and the new graphics cards will be manufactured in the same production process as the previous generation. But the McSwall architecture is significantly more efficient than Kepler, which is found on GTX 600 and GTX 700. As a result, anodia can afford to produce Strong and effective in the same lithography.

The GTX 980 contains 2048 Maxwell processors, while the GTX 970 contains 1664 Such. Both use 4 gigabytes of Graphic technology . Both also use only 256 bit bandwidth.


The New Star - GTX 980

In this launch we got two New, And his little brother, the GTX 970. Let's start from the big one.

GeForce GTX 980 is a video card designed for the upper market, and is parallel to the market share of GTX 780 Launched last year. This video card carries a price tag of 550 dollars and comes to replace those who until today have dominated this market,Geforce GTX 780 Ti.

According to performance tests, compared to default versions, GTX 980 stronger than GTX 780 Ti slightly, a few percent. But the power consumption differences are enormous. While the GTX 780 Ti consumes about 260 watts while playing, Consumption of 180 watts only. This is one of the most significant architectural improvements in the history of graphics cores. We have not yet remembered the last time in which the production process was so significantly improved.

This means that today a computer system is based on a processor Combined with GTX 980 you will not need a special power supply. Two-tier systems Such configuration Will also be able to run on high-power power supplies of 750 watts.

This video card comes in a price tag of 550 dollars or NIS 3000 in Israel. While the " Directed to heaven, he has a little brother and a bastard - a product that does not make an account and completely eliminates many others.


GeForce GTX 970 - video card that heads heads

In addition to-, The GTX 970 was also launched. This video card contains 1664 Maxwell processors and is designed for the higher market as well. But, and here it is possible to raise an eyebrow, its cost is 330 dollars only.

The graphics power of the GTX 970 stands between the GTX TITAN and the GTX 780 Ti, and it also bypasses the Radeon R9 290 and the Radeon R9 290X . This puts the competition in big trouble. The 330 offers a significantly cheaper solution than what the competition offers, in addition to absolute technological superiority in terms of electricity consumption.

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From the real process of grinding, GTX 970 and - Versus the Rest (Source:

Radeon R9 290 costs 370 dollars, weaker than GTX 970 and consumes a lot of power (about 260 watts compared to 180 when playing). This is a serious blow.

Today, GTX 970 the heads of all these video cards on bayonets:

  • Geforce GTX TITAN
  • Geforce GTX 770
  • Geforce GTX 780
  • Radeon R9 290
  • Radeon R9 290X

Not only is it a cheaper choice, it exhibits significantly lower power consumption and very high processing power. This is the day in which the competition of Completely disappears, and it is not so well known how it will deal with it.

The GTX 970 is expected to be sold in Israel in NIS 1600 and its advanced versions in NIS 1700, similar to the current price of the GTX 770. As you can see, this is a video card that devours the cards and erases the high-end products.


Changes to display interfaces

In the series of new graphics cards, Anuidia decided to make a change and adapt them to new screens. With these graphics cards, you will get the standard DVI interface next to the HDMI interface. In addition, there are three standard DisplayPort interfaces to connect three screens simultaneously. Using these three ports will allow three screens with Which makes a picture more synchronized and smoother. This is if the screens support the function.

The HDMI version has also been improved and compared to the 1.4 we saw in the previous generation. Here comes the use of HDMI 2.0. The advantage of the new interface version is significantly higher data traffic. As a result, there is a major improvement in this version. Now you can get support with HDMI In 60 Support for 21: 9 screenscreen, support for significantly higher sound quality, and even a split screen option. Definitely a welcome improvement.

The series that changes the laws of the market

This is a step that changes things for Anyidia. If until now There were two bats in the upper market, now the smoke is dissipating, and there is a knockout of the two new stars.


When many heard that the new video cards would be based on a production process that had been in use for three years, they raised an eyebrow. When Makes improvements in its video card series, we usually see עם Slightly better, but high power consumption. Here Made a change that usually comes only with reduced production processes.

It is not known what You will do about this launch, but it is clear that in order to remain in competition it needs aggressive cutting at series prices R9, that will soon come from Anuidia also video cards to the middle market and open front-facing R9 280X and R9 270X.