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Clearance sale? GeForce RTX 2070 at a great discount from the official price

The original article: The model that will finish its course when the stock is finished is beginning to see significant price cuts that may help keep it relevant

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Announcing the GeForce RTX 2060 Super and GeForce RTX 2070 Super models Marked the end of the road for the GeForce RTX 2070 and GeForce RTX 2080 cards, whose official price did not allow them to maintain real competition with the updated versions, Declare that their production will cease in the near future and they will gradually disappear from the shelves.

Meanwhile, until the official launch of the Super models and stabilizing prices - we seem to be seeing signs of the imminent disappearance of the existing models both from MSI and the company , Which offer Assuming tens of dollars below the base level of $ 500.

Want to consider buying the RTX 2070 right now? You can choose the MSI ventus double ventilator model For 440 dollars instead of 500 dollars, or 555.43 dollars, including VAT and shipping to Israel, which is approximately NIS 1,980. On the EVGA Black Edition model In 450 dollars, or 583.56 dollars includes all the additions that are 2,080 shekels.

2070 Now, in the interim period before the Super models landing on the shelves?

Are you considering choosing the more powerful RTX 2080? Here too you can now find the The MSI ventus model With a base of 662 dollars instead of 700 dollars, and at the price of 826.21 dollars, including VAT and shipping - 2,940 shekels, The Black Edition of EVGA Available for purchase at a similar price of 829.42 USD.

Is it possible that the prices of MSI and Will they continue to fall? We will continue to follow and update if necessary

Is it worth it, or is it better to wait for the new waterings that will plague the cards? Feel free to tell what you think about the comments.

updating: Clearance prices (or at the very least large discount prices) are also online at Newegg 's online store The Asus RTX 2070 Strix model He has three advanced and massive cooling fans on NIS 2,030.29 including VAT and delivery to IsraelMSI RTX 2080 Ventus Model For NIS 2,813.94, which is a much better deal than anyone we have met to date for this powerful card.

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