Preparing for Cascade Lake-X: New Gigabyte Advanced HWzone motherboards

Preparing for Cascade Lake-X: New Gigabyte Advanced Motherboards

Taiwanese launches three boards under branding X299X - with compatibility for next-generation Core-X Due next month

After we got it Exciting news about HEDT's slashed pricing in Intel's upcoming Cascade Lake-X generationTo replace the processors-X which has been with us since the middle of 2017 - it's time to get acquainted with some of the updated motherboards that will accompany this move.

Cascade Lake-X processors will not offer far-reaching changes to their internal architecture, and will continue to rely on HCC's With up to 18 cores processing (up-to-date) 14 nm production and with a recognized LGA2066 bracket - which also means that the chipset-based motherboards They should be supported after appropriate firmware updates - but that's not what will stop hardware manufacturers from trying to offer new, full-price products for intended buyers.

New ones always bring new motherboards with them, even if there's no real change in the chipset or bracket - which is what happens in Cascade Lake-X as well - Decides to stay ahead of all her competitors

Gigabyte is the one who is starting the trend right now with a trio of models getting the nickname X299X to differentiate them from products From the past - with guaranteed support for Straight out of the box.

The X299X Aorus Master is designed to be the cheapest in the group, with E-ATX configuration based on relatively massive but standard air cooling and a colorful RGB illumination combination designed at several key points - and with four physical PCI-Express 3.0 × 16 connections, three M connections. 2 Full Bandwidth of PCI-Express 3.0 × 4, 5Gbps Ethernet Connector Based on Aquantia Hardware, Built-in Sound Card based on ESS Saber 9218 and Card Built-in support 6 dual channel configuration and support 5.0.

X299X Master

The X299X Aorus Xtreme Waterforce model comes in a massive XL-ATX-based 16-based phase-voltage block Dedicated to water systems for the switch, the chipset, the power supply components, and the M.2 drives that the user can choose to add to the system - all with color illumination at almost every corner, three PCI-Express 3.0 × 16 connections that can enjoy width Full bar at the same time thanks to the addition of PCI-Express arteries from the new generation processors, a pair of connectors 3 Based on dedicated controller, 10Gbps Ethernet connection and many other surprises.

X299X Xtreme Waterforce

The latest and favorite X299X Designare 10G model in the E-ATX configuration will be designed for professional users who build Cascade Lake-X home workstations, with far less elaborate design than the other two models, thermal shielding over the chipset, power supply array and M connectors 2, a pair of Thunderbolt 3 connections and a highlight in the form of a pair of 10Gbps Ethernet connections thanks to a visit from home .

X299X Designer 10G

All three models will support the Skylake-X processor pair and of course Cascade Lake-X processors, with the new generation enjoying built-in 2,933MHz vs. 2,666MHz increased speed and volume support Maximum of no less than 256GB based on eight connections and controller With four channels, compared to support for up to 128GB to date.

These three pieces have not yet received official price tags, which is likely to happen only for the process of launching the processors themselves over the next month - but it is natural to assume that the costs will be no less bombastic than most of the features inside.

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