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Huge and rounded: Samsung introduces new leading gaming screen

New giant company display products will be coming to the stores soon, under the evolving Odyssey brand

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In the modern market, there is a growing demand for ultra-wide screens capable of replacing much more convenient and elegant dual arrays - and Samsung is the one that chooses to take this niche to a new level with its Odyssey G9.

The Giant's leading gaming screen will offer an ultra-wide configuration with a 32: 9 aspect ratio - no less than 49 inches oblique and with impressive and unique 5,120 × 1,440 pixel resolution, combined with a particularly large 1000R curve (part of a circle With a diameter of 1000 millimeters - compared to 1,600 millimeters or 1,800 millimeters in most other common convex screens) that will allow it to "wrap" the user from the sides.

Make plenty of room on the table - such a screen doesn't meet every day

This innovative piece will certainly not suit everyone, but those already familiar with ultra-wide screen work may fall in love - it's the first opportunity of its kind to get a pair of 2,560 × 1,440 pixel WQHD displays side by side in a single product, with unusual futuristic design (including built-in color illumination) Based on the connection between the panel and its stand), support for up to 240 Hz high refresh rate with low millisecond response times in optimal mode, support for G-Sync technology from home , Compliance with the DisplayHDR 1000 standard with maximum brightness of up to 1000 NIT and support for the popular QLED technology from the TV screens to enhance contrast.

The design attracts the eye first and foremost - but the technical specifications are equally unique and interesting

How much of this monster canal we don't know yet - but hope to find out in the coming months (without falling out of shock, if possible), for a planned global launch in the second quarter of 2020.

The most convex of all, for better or worse, depending on each consumer's viewing preferences

Those with a little less room can choose one of the new Odyssey G7 models as a replacement - with more traditional 16: 9 aspect ratios and more sane sizes of 27 inches or 32 inches, but still with an aggressive curve of 1000R Similar to the Odyssey G9.

The G7 duo is based on VA technology panels with 2,560 × 1,440 pixels resolution, DisplayHDR 600 standard compatibility thanks to 600 Nit maximum brightness, enhanced contrast ratio thanks to QLED technology - and up to 240 Hz refresh rate with support Officially in technology .

More compact and sensible versions under the Odyssey G7 brand - which will probably cost a lot less

This pair is also set to land on store shelves between April and June - and here, too, the recommended prices have not yet been revealed, leaving us plenty of room for informed guesses.

So how much will any such pleasure from Samsung's evolving gaming brand? Welcome to try and predict in advance


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