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Quick Launch: Gigabyte introduces NVMe budget drives

The Taiwanese actress is increasing her supply in the storage market with faster models

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We are not opposed to seeing more and more companies starting to offer consumers drives And now this trend seems to be expanding not only in the "old" SATA drives, but also in the Even more compact and advanced, thanks to platforms that offer and- To do this.

Now you can add Gigabyte which sells to us all from worlds of motherboards and video cards to the Names Exchange from which NVMe drives can be purchased for your system - with minimalist models that do not even include any dedicated branding but simply bear the name of the manufacturer, along with the description required as M .2 PCIe .

Gigabyte models are based on the Phison E8T controller on the PCI-Express 3.0 × 2 interface, half the physical interface of modern M.2 connectors, combined with chips TLC from Micron or from home (Depending on the specific model), and with the HBM (Memory Host Buffer) technology that allows you to dispense dedicated cache for use with some of the memory System to speed up random performance.

The USB drive The humble person who does not even have a unique name of his own may have a pretty good potential, in our assessment

The end result provides continuous transmission speeds of up to 1,200 megabytes per second in reading and up to 800 megabytes per second in writing (for 256GB models), combined with Random up to 80,000IOPS read to 150,000IOPS in small 4KB files - not close to drives Leading and prestigious, but still enough to give priority over most traditional SATA drives, including a promise for lower power consumption. The drives will be offered with a 3-year warranty with a reasonable write-up of up to 0.71 from the drive volume per day (0.71DWPD) plus an average MTBF of 1.5 million hours between critical failures.

The performance of the top 512GB model that will be available at a later time has not been disclosed, but it is likely to be significantly higher than that of its brother

Drives Will be available in volumes of between 256GB, 128GB and 512GB, with the two lower volumes being available first, in the coming weeks - at recommended prices of 50 dollars and 70 dollars respectively, which will be an interesting competition for the Kingston A1000 in the lowest market segment of NVMe technology. Kingston's half-terabyte competitor can now be found on Amazon at a nice price of 100 dollars (excluding VAT and shipping) - is there any chance that the offer of Will you wink even more? We'll probably soon find out.

An exciting race is expected between Gigabyte and Kingston - and also compared to Intel and its unique 660P models, with QLC chips First of their kind


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  1. Relatively expensive in relation to speed.
    They should offer their integration with the motherboards at a good price

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