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Gigabyte GTX 1650 OCX graphics card: impressive engineering, lower price

New video card for iphone The market below the threshold of a thousand shekels is leading to the level of design, but comes in a price tag a bit cruel

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The maker of the graphics core Unveiled its new series of video cards a few months ago, 20. After one ticket costs $ 1,000, one more 700 and simpler than the 500, the prices start to slow down with more models for the gamer looking for good value for money.

The RTX 2060 is the choice that replaces the GTX 1070 in performance and launched at 350 dollars, and then in an unexpected step decided To launch a series called GTX 16 that contains the new architecture, but without features Special.

GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1660 are quite popular video cards earlier this year in the price tags of 279 and 219 respectively, when the GTX 1660 is making life hard for RX 590 which is priced similarly, but we will not be the benefits of Fresh (as low power consumption).

After launching the GTX 1660, which was a direct improvement on everything the market knew about the price of 219 dollars, users wondered how Say below with a drop below the 200 dollar line. Since the fall of the Crypto and the demand for video cards, the RX 580 and the RX 570 have begun to take control of the market under the 200. The 580 RX usually takes the 160-180 and the smaller 140-160, depending on the variations.

And now, knowing what is happening in this market, to the answer of For a contest under $ 200:

This is the Geforce GTX 1650. This specific graphics card comes to us from our Gigabyte members and is in the OC version that includes Advanced with two fans.

Like its older brothers, this graphics card is based on Turing's architecture In the production process of 12 nm. The core name is TU117 and contains 4.7 billion transistors.

There are 896 CUDA processors in this core, and they are connected to 4GB's Type On the bandwidth of 128BIT. For comparison, the GTX 1660 has 1408 CUDA processors on 6GB's In 192BIT, so there's plenty of room for another model between them.

Gigabyte's OC 4G has a very impressive construction quality and has a body Quite large and two fans.

The back of the card is covered with a plastic back plate. Not only for appearance, but also for the maintenance of back-card components and the quality of this construction is noteworthy.

Unlike many designs, she decided Add the 6PIN connector to this video card to raise its maximum speed and frequency capabilities.

The display outputs are interesting with this model, and include 3, HDMI 2.0, and one type 1.4. These ports support a resolution At the rate of 60Hz. Please note that up to three screens can be used at the same time from all four screens. I would love to see a single DVI port in place To tell the truth. It's true that this is an exit that is already on the way out after more than 15 years in the market, but it's a video card aimed at more users with such a screen.

And now, to the point behind this review - the price. Has decided to price its cheapest video card based on the price tag of 150 dollars, and 160 dollars for advanced versions as you see here. Yes, the price of this video card is similar and close to that of RX 580. Do you know "maybe you are dealing with people your size"? We decided to put this video card head on in front of the RX 580 because both can be found in a price tag of about NIS 850.

Test system

We decided the exams do a resolution of 1920X1080, to which the graphics card is designed. The display settings are always the highest. If specific settings have been turned off, they are listed in graphs. We took statistical information of frame rate per second on average as well as 1% average of the minimum quantity at run time.

In a variety of games, one can see the one-sided lead that RX 580 currently makes. There's no way to beautify it, no matter how much I try. At a similar price there are two products intended for the same use when one leads on the other by tens of percent.

I expected that in games that love the cards A little more like Overwatch that the difference will be quite small, but also there observed a respectable difference of 37% Between these two tickets in the country are rising similarly, and from abroad who have a price difference of a few percent.

Of course there are advantages in new vs. old technology, and here is the efficiency of cores Are expressed. The RX 580's power is enormous in comparison with the GTX 1650 and its own higher than 100W. Therefore, you can see an advantage in the possibility of such a graphics card when it comes to upgrading to a brand computer system with low power supplies. This is a niche, but it certainly exists.


The matter is a bit problematic right now with the cheapest market of Below the line 200 dollars. It must make a change in prices and understand that even existing products on the market are real competition for its products. For the limited-budget gamer that requires a powerful solution, a product such as the RX 580 will simply be better off with a similar price tag on the GTX 1650.

It's important to me to emphasize that when it comes to the engineering of the graphics card itself, Gigabyte did a very good job here. It is completely silent in any situation, has excellent working temperature and in fact all you can ask for an over-the-hood version of a video card is quite simple. She is the one who made the mistake of deciding that this video card, which is clearly weaker than the RX 580 and weaker than the cheaper RX 570, a card that itself is not far from RX 580.

By default, the 150 dollar price tag must be replaced by 100 or 110 at most. "On the Road" This will be a great opportunity to launch an intermediate model that will be between the power that the GTX 1650 offers that of the GTX 1660 offers. The material difference is big and there is an opportunity here for a good answer to solutions like RX 580 that, as we shall see, will remain in the area for at least the next few months. He's not going anywhere.

It is difficult for us to recommend the GTX 1650 right now, even in the high-quality version of Gigabyte. If you are in a niche that performs well with low power consumption, it may be the graphics card for you. Otherwise, we will recommend to go with the solutions of Or alternatively add and upgrade to the GTX 1660 which is a significant speed video card, and not significantly expensive in the price area of ​​about NIS 1050.

We will be very happy next to refresh the expensive video cards of See also the direction towards the GTX 1650, which needs to be repaired at a price and drop even from the NIS 700 area. If this happens, we will be very happy to recommend it and especially this version of .


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    1. not recommended. If they come from mining then expect them to die quickly ..
      My mining cards I brought to incompetent members (as a gift) died one by one recently in regular use (470-570).

  1. The power consumption test was performed with synthetic software that only loads on the CPU. screen?

  2. Scary what you say,

    Although a very large number of tickets came from cattle farms, the kind I bought and moved on (including those that use them myself)

    Do not show greater mortality than is normal in the segment.

    1. And I've got a friend in his farm who has exchanged two tickets for another warranty because they died while he was playing

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