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Goodbye Catalyst, Hello Crimson: AMD drivers are changing their faces

The chip developer has decided to re - Its, with an up-to-date look and more options

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In the shadow of the restructuring of anyone related to graphic processing under the recent Radeon Technologies Group (led by Raja Kodori), founded a few months ago - in Are now introducing new vision and appearance for their video card driver software. Say goodbye to there Catalyst, and welcome the Software in general, and Crimson in particular.

AMD's current move feels like an attempt to resemble the main competitor , Which has been pushing forward for years, Experience - one software that concentrates all the capabilities and features associated with the cards Under a single designed roof and brand, which also includes its drivers (previously branded separately as ForceWare, similar to AMD's Catalyst).

As part of the new approach of , We are about to see a massive one-year distribution of its drivers, more or less, which will have a unique literal name that will accompany all driver distributions of that time - Crimson will be the first name to accompany us this year and next year, and in fact, the new drivers The company will get the name Software Crimson Edition, with a sub-number for each smaller update that comes every month or a few months.


In addition to the new branding, the latest drivers Offering a significant new and modern look, offering convenient and advanced control options for the gaming features and settings installed on your computer, controlling video properties, image, multi-screen display and of course - options More comprehensive.

crmm3 crm11

All of these are things that already exist in one way or another , Along with some other unique capabilities that are not available at (Direct streaming to Tegra-based devices, direct online streaming and the like), but in Sunnyvale it seems hoped to hurt the competitor's soft stomach - ensuring that the Software will be very easy and quick to operate. This is in contrast to Experience is considered by many to be a relatively slow programming and resource-consuming service.


This move of It is probably positive and requested, but with all due respect it will only operate with competitive hardware that will back it up - and so we continue to wait impatiently for the future Arctic Islands generation at 16 nm, which according to current rumors will finally offer an update On all levels and models, and it can also provide a relative efficiency of up to 2 than we have seen in the current generation Fiji models.


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