Goodbye to graphics core: The Intel F series is coming up

The big chip maker will follow suit And offer Desktops even without built-in graphics processing units - although the price remains a mystery at this stage

some time ago We received a little leaked documentation Who talked about a new breed of desktop processors from - With the F extension that would appear to give up the built-in HD Graphics core on the chip and not operate without an external graphics unit, in return for lower power consumption, a slightly cooler operating temperature, and possibly even cost savings for the consumer at the end.

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The appearance of the models on the Newegg Online Store and a number of other stores now significantly increases our confidence that an official show will take place very soon - and will provide ever-closer competition to the Ryzen family of products (Which generally do not include graphics cores as well).

Another new hexagonal cores model is approaching - although it is reasonable to assume that the price (shown here in Canadian dollars) is not accurate or official

The Coffee Lake Refresh Series F series will be almost identical to the standard K series models or the series that does not include a companion signal launched several months ago: The octagonal i9-9900KF will be the carrier with working frequencies of between 3.6GHz and 5GHz for a cores pair and an open frequency multiplier, The i7-9700KF octagon will offer working frequencies between 3.6GHz as the base for 4.9GHz in maximum turbo mode without the support of HyperThreading technology, i5-9600KF will be the top hexagon model - i5-9400F exposes to us six cores with 2.9GHz working frequencies as the basis for 4.1GHz in maximum turbo mode, while we have yet to receive an official launch of the model i5-9400 "standard" since it includes graphical processing.

A quartet With prices in Norwegian krona that are significantly higher than the price of the K models already sold. Let us hope that this is only a temporary picture

The large CES 2019 exhibition, which will start in a few days, looks like the most logical focus for the launch of these new models, along with countless other advanced and intriguing products, but it is not surprising that these models will suddenly appear in the stores, without too much noise and ringing. It all depends on the price tag.

The early leak is revealed to be accurate

If the F models are indeed a few dozen dollars cheaper than their counterparts that include graphics cores, it will be a significant step on the part of Intel to help increase the relative competitiveness of Leading the cost-benefit indices, but if the price remains very close or identical to the standard models, which is already a juicy addition to the generations of processors - We will not fall off the chair if it is only a quiet launch.

What is your guess? Price cutting and public launch Celebration or preservation of official cost and modest and casual launch?

See more information and updates as soon as possible!