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Google's new mobile: cheaper, stronger - but still a strange bird

Google launches an updated version of Chrome- Its prestigious. Will this time consumers be persuaded to prefer it over windows-based ultrabooks?

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There are products that are in total contradiction to the mood and general norms in the market - it could be a video card that costs more than the average salary, tablets pretending to be PC devices or an advanced smartphone that looks like an oyster device from 2005. In the case of Google, it has the Pixel - Mobile is a beautiful and stylish chrome that also rises five times From all other devices that are based on the same operating system.

The original Pixel, launched less than two years ago, received flattering reviews but was also defined as an extreme niche product reserved only for people who are hooked on the Chrome OS system (and are radically opposed to all its equivalents). Now, to the surprise of many, Google's experiment is getting updated and upgraded - to try to convince us again that chromobox does not have to be mega-cheap to be an attractive proposition.

So what has changed? The Pixel of 2015 Year Offers a metal shell that is almost identical to that of its predecessor, along with the same impressive 12.85-inch IPS screen and 2,560 × 1,700 pixels resolution, but at the same time you can find several upgrades under the hood - such as a dual-core Core i5-5200U The Broadwell Section Which offers a high base frequency in the 400MHz i5-3337U in the previous model (and a significantly enhanced built-in graphics core), 3GB LPDDR8, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity with 802.11ac support and even two connections 3.1 Type C is up to date in addition to a couple connections 3.0 and SD card expansion slot.

All of the above-mentioned material improvements, along with significant enhancements to the Chrome OS itself, are the most significant update appetizer in the updated Pixel - a price tag of "1,000" only, instead of the $ 1,300 it requested For the Of the year 2013.

The new Pixel (right) compared to the original Pixel
God- The new (right) The original

The new Pixel is undoubtedly a respectable improvement, which is finally an equal competitor to Windows-based ultrabocos in similar price tags - yet it is hard not to feel that it is not yet the right place for it. With an average chrombook, which can be purchased from 200 to 300, Can offer functionality that will be very similar to that of the It will still be very difficult to justify the large increase in costs.


Like Apple, too Will offer some (not really cheap) options to increase the usability of 3.1 Type C Fresh

Google will also offer a more powerful version of the new Pixel, named Pixel LS, which will include a processor i7, MEMORY 16GB volume and volume Local double of 64GB. The price? 1,300 dollars

Chrome OS is still A young woman who at best would offer a similar experience to that of her competitors (and a much more limited experience of use), so it's not really clear why Google does not choose to do the "Nexus" and offer a quality product like the Pixel at cost (400-500) ?) - to improve the familiarity and relevance of the OS also in the middle market and steal a little more market share than what And Mac. Maybe in the third incarnation of the mobile? We'll see.

Agree with us, or think the new Pixel is a great deal? Tell us in comments.

Another one of the outstanding improvements in the new Pixel - my life Much better than 12 load-working hours, which significantly exceed those of most competitors (both on paper and in practice)


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