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Google causes memory loss

You do not lose your memory because of the older age - you lose it because of it .

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We all use the Internet to search for information. This is an inexhaustible, up-to-date and dynamic source where you can find any information (as long as it's not confidential or patent protected) you'll need. Want a chocolate cake recipe? there is. Need a home air conditioner? Here is a video from YouTube. Need to do work for school? Just copy to Translate and print.
Despite all the benefits of accessible information, A new study by Columbia University "The accessibility and speed with which we can access information through the computer, the Internet, and advanced search engines has degenerated and altered the memory patterns of our brains. The next time you fail the literary test you will blame the .

google-memoria_thumb [1]

The study contained a series of experiments. In one experiment, participants typed bits of information and saved them on a computer, with half of them saying that the information would be erased and the other half said they could access the information later. Participants who knew that the information you typed on the computer spent less effort memorizing the information.

In another experiment, participants were asked to remember pieces of information and folder names on the computer. When participants needed to repeat the information they read, they were better able to keep track of the names of the folders where the information was stored. The results indicated that priority was given to keeping the location of the information and not to the information itself, when the user could know where to look for information when the information itself was already forgotten, the researchers said.

It is much easier to simply know that our information is all centered on a computer or the Internet. The computer remembers our schedule, birthdays, remembers to do the shopping and what ever we need to buy. It is much easier to put together a shopping list using the ShopShop app. Facebook pages or a single search word within Google.


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  1. Google autocomplete
    In poor Galalam, I was silent about Ibritt.
    These lines were written without Google's autocomplete!

  2. it has got something in it
    But it's not just Google. It's the Internet in general because it has all the information in the world so we don't have to remember things - everything is there. The truth is a little worrying, even though there is no way I will be disconnected from the internet

  3. The new autocomplete
    Just awful !! How many times did you go to register something and before you finished registering, it had already started an automatic search. disgusting!

  4. In fact, if they looked at research beyond the search for cheap propaganda
    You see there is nothing new at all. In fact, the human brain works like this even before the digital days. People with encyclopedias knew where to look for the information and therefore remembered it less than people without books, say. It turns out that it is much more effective for us to live that way, and the brain is not at all "degenerate" from uselessness, but this "index" we create allows us to think bigger and more usefully.
    Even higher education methods have changed and it has long been understood that education by "memorizing" the material is dozens of times worse than providing proper search habits in databases and using information found in them. Ask any professor whose student will be more successful in life, the one who has learned well all the material and remembers all the formulas and options, or the one who can properly search for the tools to deal with a problem, and wisely use the information he is exposed to, and you will be surprised by the answer. (Or not, it really depends if you think like me or vice versa)

  5. 6 I totally agree with you
    There is no advantage in memorizing the material, especially in a world like ours that we have almost always access to all the material. This means that we can spend more resources on using knowledge and dealing with it smarter.
    This study can be added to the list of less relevant studies, for example, the studies that are constantly spent on what position to put the baby ... once on the stomach, once on the back, once on the side, and every time they had a reason why it is necessary to do so. Smart people have learned to ignore these unnecessary studies (sorry for the word) and let the baby sleep as he pleases.
    I hope I didn't get too carried away with the topic, but you got the point ...

  6. 6 is right, what a fucking conclusion
    It is equally possible to say that listing in a notebook or journal results in memory loss, and this is proven by similar research only that participants will be asked to use a notebook / journal rather than a computer.

    The conclusion from this study is wrong because it does not in any way cause "memory loss" but to recall different information (index instead of the information itself).

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