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Google has announced a security breach in Windows 10, and Microsoft is furious

Google revealed to the public weakness Which was found in the latest Windows system after Microsoft did not block it for a week. Let's see the reaction of the Redmond Giant

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In a post she published this week In her security blog, Has revealed to the public that it has identified critical security vulnerabilities in the "10 windows" and the Flash platform. She claims she immediately notified them to Microsoft and Adobe. Adobe soon released a patch that blocks the weakness, however It lingered for a week so, in accordance with its policy in recent years, it revealed the problem to many in order to "protect users".

10 blocks burglars on Halloween (Photo: Microsoft)

Google points out that the specific weakness it has found is particularly problematic because it has been misused already. The vulnerability allows a skilled user to exploit the win32k.sys system file designed to communicate with the graphics card device to escape the virtual "sandbox" of the Which protects the user. Thus, it is theoretically possible to run malicious code through the browser. Itself has updated the source code of Chromium on which it was built To address the problem, but warned that other browsers are still exposed to it.

Microsoft referred to Google 's statement in response toContact from VentureBeatAnd criticized its decision to disclose the breach to the public: "We believe in coordinated extradition of public weaknesses. Google's exposure puts customers at potential risk. It is the only platform that undertakes to investigate any risk We will find and update the affected devices as quickly as possible. "The company recommended that users use its Edge browser to stay safe.

"Update of the Year" version of 10 is vulnerable to loophole

Yesterday, Terry Meyerson, Microsoft vice president, Post In a company blog where he makes it clear that Microsoft is taking security threats seriously. Meirson noted that the reported weakness has recently been exploited by a Russian hacker group called STRONTIUM, which attacks government agencies, diplomatic institutions and military computers. He made it clear that users have updated the 10 for its "Update of the Year" last August is resistant to the attacks, and that in about a week the company will release patch for all operating system versions.

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