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Google promises: Chrome will stop wasting your RAM

The new popular browser update promises to provide great improvements to its efficiency

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This matter has already become A familiar bitter joke Across the network, but Google believes it is not too late to change the situation - and declare that the latest 45 version of Chrome (Chrome), we will see a significant improvement in its activity, with higher speed and especially a more sane system resource consumption.

Chromium is known as Advanced, easy to use and well-supported plugins and plugins of various types, but also known as a browser that uses large parts of the memory Of the game, especially when browsing with a large number of tabs ('tabs') activity in parallel.

Will the new version succeed in putting an end to the jokes?

How do you solve this? as per , Combined with a time-out in which the page has already been loaded and is not in use for cleaning tasks And the automatic reloading of Flash (especially flash) content on the various sites, as well as selective reloading in the 'back to work from the same point' mode, to prevent unnecessary and robotic automatic loading of sites and languages ​​that were minimal.

Google talks about tens of percent improvements to Chrome's speed and efficiency - but we'd love to hear what your actual registrars, users. You can check out the version Chromium in the 'About' tab of the application options screen, and we would be happy if you would tell us if you feel any significant difference in the 45 version.

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  1. Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that they completely removed support for JAVA?
    It sounds a bit illogical to me but I can not find any solution to that.
    They just removed the NPAPI support so you can't install JAVA…

  2. Have you used this shit? But in dick move rules. It also knocked out other plugins ...

    If I used some drab? JAVA?
    Half of the Internet is based on JAVA today….

  3. It is interesting to see how much less effective Chrome is from Firefox in terms of memory utilization.
    Open I now have Firefox with 8 tabs and 10 plugins installed and active, and chrome with 4 tabs and 9 plugins:

  4. Clearly, chrome will take more memory. He collects information along the way: sheikhHessam:

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