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Great Antek Draw - Winners

Antek brings you hardware that will arrange your holiday and your computer with seven prizes - power supplies, And water cascades!

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A clean computer is a healthy computer

Passover came and with it cleanliness and order. We know how important it is for you to order on a computer, so arrange a lottery for you to arrange your computer - a new power supply, a new package and maybe even a Advanced water? You can win a lottery!

How do you participate?

To participate in the lottery all you have to do is click "Like" onThe official Facebook page of Antek Israel.

Facebook fans all of Facebook Antek Israel Automatically enter the lottery. On the day of the Haglara, we will randomly remove seven fans from the Facebook page, and they will receive a random product.

You do not even have to get out of this page, we brought you the page:

And of course we will be happy if you also like our page to stay updated:

What do I get?

Winners of the Great Lottery!

In the case One Winners - Alon Hobash and Yossi Cohen

NeoEco Power Supply Winner - Ayelet Aviv

Refrigerated Kuhler Processor 950 Winner - Oak Broadcaster

TPC Power Supply 750W wins - Pavel Ischenko

Refurbished Cooler Kuhler 1250 Winner - Wolf Russk

Full Tower 1900 Winner - Gali Nir

For winners - please send to[Email protected] Contact details and address in order to coordinate the sending of the prize

* The prize must be claimed within a reasonable period of time, otherwise the sponsor will not be able to provide them

Thank you very much for the participation, see you in the next contest!


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  1. For 1, the answer is simple
    This is a competition from Antek in sharing the site. Antek wants to increase and expand its audience in the country and uses its Facebook as a platform.

    Between the site and itself there are competitions within the user areas, such as the quiz of the feed.

  2. To 4, you're the weird one here
    And Facebook will become a kind of "linked" in 5 years from now.

    Open watch ...

  3. Opening a fictitious Facebook is what I did
    There is no law that requires you to a real profile.

  4. For 6, you live in a movie from the land of the movie. You are delusional and cut off every connection from reality.

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