Great deals on storage products, now in Amazon, United States

Want to drive Up-to-date volume of 480GB and the price of 470 shekels? This article is for you

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Even today's Deal of the Day operations , This time in Uncle Sam's country, are not disappointing - and provide us with several storage products that are very hard to tell them.

The highlight is TR150 SSD drive (Formerly Trion 150) of -, Which provides reasonable and worthy interim performance, sold for 124 dollars, including taxes and direct shipments to Israel for a volume of 480 GB, which translates to NIS 470 and falls slightly below the desired threshold of one shekel per gigabyte of .

The TR150 drive
The TR150 drive

Those who want a particularly generous amount of storage for their smartphone can choose On the SanDisk 200 gigabyte cardUltra, which reaches speeds of up to 90 megabytes per second at a great price of only $ 74, which translates to 280.

200GB microSD card
כרטיס 200GB volume

Those who would prefer another interesting SanDisk product, The company's compact external SSD drive The sample With a volume of 480 GB, it will be able to receive it for about $ 160 including tax and shipping to Israel - about NIS 605.

Dessert, Toshiba External Hard Drive, 3 terabyte in size and 2.5-inch format, is available for purchase as a total-inclusive 125, translated into NIS 480.

All these offers will only be available until 10: Tomorrow morning (Thursday, 00 in September) so take advantage of them today. Successfully!