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Great performance and outrageous pricing - all GeForce RTX details in one place

Last night launched Series And rebranded the gaming world - we've compiled for you the technical details and prices of tomorrow's graphics world

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Event launch of NVIDIA Geforce RTX cards Is probably the most watched hardware world of the year. After two and a half years GTX 1080 is on the shelves, the bestseller series with serious performance is replaced by an even more serious one.

Branding GTX retires after about 12 years in the market. It was 8800GTX, which was a real revolution in the Crysis era, and since we've moved the gear, we're just continuing to accelerate. Meet the RTX:

That big one will be - 2070

  • Name: 2070
  • volume graphic: 8GB
  • סוג graphic: GDDR6
  • Memory bandwidth: 256 bit
  • Quantity of CUDA processors: 2,304
  • Core speed: Starting with 1620Mhz
  • Brown Shell: Starting with 175W
  • price: From $ 499 to the standard version, advanced versions will be priced between 550 and 600 dollars
  • Directions to store shelves: October

According to , This video card is as powerful as or more than TITAN Xp. This means that it is also stronger than the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card in its basic versions and seems to be similar to performance in accelerated versions. In fact, We used to get games at a price tag of about 700 dollars, we can get 500 dollars with significantly reduced power consumption.

The middle brother became a premium - 2080

  • Name: 2080
  • volume graphic: 8GB
  • סוג graphic: GDDR6
  • Memory bandwidth: 256 bit
  • Quantity of CUDA processors: 2,944
  • Core speed: Starting with 1710Mhz
  • Brown Shell: Starting with 225W
  • price: From $ 699 to the standard version, advanced versions will be priced between 750 and 800 dollars
  • Directions to store shelves: The 20 in September

NVIDIA has not given us a taste or hint of the performance of this video card but is expected to place a completely new standard for a single graphics core in its price tag. According to its inflated technical specifications compared to RTX 2070, the RTX 2080 is expected to reach us when it is a subject Similar to TITAN V at the very least, a professional video card bearing a price tag of 3,000 dollars. At a starting price of 700 dollars is not a cheap video card at all, the launch price is similar to that of the - GTX 1080 Ti. Starting with the 20 in September, it is expected to be on store shelves.

The Magnum Opus of the Graphic Core - 2080 Ti

  • Name: 2080 Ti
  • volume graphic: 11GB
  • סוג graphic: GDDR6
  • Memory bandwidth: 352 bit
  • Quantity of CUDA processors: 4,352
  • Core speed: Starting with 1545Mhz
  • Brown Shell: Starting with 250W
  • price: From $ 999 to the standard version, advanced versions will be priced between 1,050 and 1200 dollars
  • Directions to store shelves: The 20 in September

This is the strongest graphics core ever for gamers. GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is a luxury product that carries the core of Turing in the most complete lineup that will soon be on the shelves. With the amount of 4352 CUDA processors, this graphics card is expected to deliver first-time performance for the X- UHD who want a high visual level. According to our evaluation and technical specifications, this video card is expected to be stronger than The standard 2080 is about 35 percent. This video card is also expected to be on the shelves at 20 in September.

What do you think of this different and unique launch? Will you miss the GTX brand? Which one of you is already planning to upgrade one of the monsters described? We'll be glad to hear!


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  1. Don't know if you'll be happy to hear, but….
    I'm pretty pleased, just from yesterday's event and what (I understand) it is.
    As stated in the article, a ticket is currently being paid for $ 3000
    For the price of a new ticket that costs 700 Roof.
    So what exactly are the complaints?
    And why does the title show "scandalous prices"?
    Every graphic processing world has received a tremendous boost ahead, which of course is welcome.

    1. Because this performance has not been used by gamers in the past, and will only begin to be used tomorrow and gradually until the keys acclimatize themselves.

      Look to those who understand how RTX works, to those who understand what the shading algorithms do, the performance yesterday was overblown!

      I'll try to put it simply for those who missed it:

      Imagine a huge tank full of water (which is the computer) + an empty second container (which is the computer screen, or output)
      In order to have a successful and clean work experience, the water must move from one container to the other at maximum speed and maintain their realistic-> realistic features with the only condition being that the water pass through one fixed tube.

      Then one group uses the tank to create pressures that will force the water to pass quickly.
      A second group tries to pierce and seal the container to play with the vacuum.

      The result is always beautiful, and when it gets better it is even more beautiful, and the desire for the result to be closest to reality is an essential commodity.

      Everyone is trying to be creative in order to make the water move as quickly as possible from one container to the next.

      What NVIDIA showed yesterday was a way to get an upgraded photo when it is closest to reality!
      Closest to reality is not because of what it looks like (those reflections of details not found on screen)…. (No! No, because such can be fake, and we will not forget that any such forgery requires resources and power, so such an image would require inexpensive processing power and not available to the home market).

      Then came NVIDIA and brought a picture and scene that look and feel the most to reality, and they did it without falsification, with loads of calculations, and with reduced resources!

      All images in RTX are PHSYX based !!!!!!
      For those who have seen and understood I am sure the jaw fell to the floor!
      Basically, bottom line ……
      Technology is overbearing! _ (What is also requested in 2018 and they admit they have been working on it for over 10 years)
      Over 10 years that there is both AI and DEEP LEARNING.
      I guess it took 10 years because the software had to learn how to improve "results" (output) with these new algorithms to get the "most realistic" picture possible)

      There is nothing like math with a touch of faith.

      So NVIDIA is flying on them and so are those prices.
      Prices are unjustified but one may wonder why they are so competitive.
      post Scriptum.
      (It is equally unfair that most users who purchase this core will not understand what it knows and what its potential is)

  2. I have to ask why monstrous performance? We have not yet seen a test that does not include RT because previous generations were not created with the aforementioned feature, so in this specific area the new generation certainly has an advantage. However, we have not seen tests that compare performance that does not include ray tracing.
    I am waiting for performance tests, to see videos of a people and without trace horns before deciding.

    1. And I said yesterday there was no RTX but today will be!
      So you have to make a decision:
      Will I buy 1080TI and in RTX situations I will suffocate with what is
      That will hurt me a little in my pocket but… ..
      1 Enjoy RTX when it pops up _ (if I'm a gambler at most)
      2 Enjoy RTX when it shows up and have upgraded tools and other creative options _ (for content creation and CUDA users)
      post Scriptum.
      By the way for those who have CUDA and still don't understand why their computer refuses to recognize and use CUDA for encoding and conversion, here is the solution
      Download and extract the file:

      Copy the SYSTEM32 and SYSWOW64 folders to the WINDOWS folder
      This means copying to _ C: \ WINDOWS _ _ _ _ (there is no name to replace files just add)

      And that's it, the computer will use CUDA again!

      very important:
      Whenever a driver updates, copy the files again _ (so don't save them)
      Luckily the new cores bring us more powerful and faster technology than CUDA more and more to be welcomed!

  3. What surprises these prices I do not understand. This is a little more expensive than the 10 version, but the performance is accordingly.

  4. He said that 2070 would be better than TITAN, he did not say whether it was Benzmark or better than Bray Tracing.
    In fact he did not even mention the word FPS except once and he did not show how much FPS would be if the current generation so we do not really know how to measure the progress of video cards ...

    1. It is easy to make the connection and understand that the overall performance of the games was discussed. RT performance should not be a little better, but several times as much.

      1. I didn't hear him say it at all, I just saw the graph he showed where it was listed that the 2070 Ray Tracing is better ...
        Anyway I really hope you are right and I am wrong but what is certain is I will not buy the above card before I see reviews by objective parties, do not want to buy a cat in a bag ...

  5. Quote of djelectric

    It is easy to make contact and understand that the game performance was discussedSea in general. RT performance should not be a little better, but several times as much.

    I doubt that we really see a huge jump in performance, otherwise we would already see an improvement in fps versus games that do not include RT.

    RT performance should be a lot better because there has been no RT in games yet, they have added specialized processing units to this in the new generation.

  6. Lior Question:
    If I take 2080TI will my computer get a bottleneck?
    I have i7-3770K @ 4.4Ghz + DDR4-1600Hz
    And the 120HZ resolution 3440X1440 resolution

  7. As long as there are no reliable comparison tests between the RT generation
    For the GT generation (GT 1080Ti specific)
    Prices are currently holding excessive…

  8. Leave the ones who want graphics in Ultra with all the effects, but do not want to replace screen, too. By default, 2060 will not include hardware for tri-trimming, meaning NODIA forces all those who want the variety of effects to pay more and just buy 2070 even if I only have an 1200p screen. There is nothing like a monopoly.

  9. a question,
    We will need a compatible motherboard or the GDDR6 can work for generations 4 and above.

    1. The G in GDDR is for Graphics. It is a memory that sits on a video card and is not related to the memory on the motherboard. What is important is the PCIe channel and generation (although there is support for generations back). If you only support the card, it is likely that a bottle will be created in the processor. Such graphics cards need these powerful processors and then you work on high resolution and use more formats that are more related to processing the graphics card.

      1. Regarding the G in GDDR, I know the meaning I thought the resident would also be different because I had nowhere seen anything reminiscent of one thing or another about the matter,
        Anyway I'm really trying to figure out if I ever want this 2080ti card (today's game-making technology),
        I would love if you could help me scatter the clouds that hide my answer.
        Today I am with 1080ti.

  10. The whole change here really reminds me of the switch to DX10 in 8800GTX. Most games do not match the new technology and those that fit will only partially support it. In practice, there will not be such significant differences in the beginning and it will take several years for it to become more relevant and then the technology and prices of the video cards will be updated accordingly. Ask yourself if your video card is enough for what you need right now because it will probably be enough for at least another year and for those who don't… I would consider replacing a video card right away 2 as probably the GTX2060 will be relatively expensive for GTX1060 and will show performance that will remember GTX1070Ti only with less memory For high resolution work ... that's at least my best guess :-)

  11. I'm really calm.
    The price is high - just do not buy. End of story. What's the point of whining about it?

    Those who must be / feel at the forefront of technology will pay the primacy of the first generation and some of the cost of its development and will receive a photorealistic picture of light rays during the game.
    All others will simply turn off this feature in the game (assuming that the game supports it) and will not feel any significant disadvantage.

    If he plays for NV this card will be more and more games that support this feature and in return there will be much cheaper tickets that know how to deal with them in the future and it would be nice. But even if not, in little.

  12. Question, it's worth waiting for the new 2080 video card if all I'm doing is video editing - either in 4k or 1080 ti screen, and all the improvement is just for gaming or even editing it will be noticeable, worth the wait and well worth the price, thank you very much.

  13. Quote of guest Eliran David

    Question, worth waiting for the new screen card ti 2080 if all I do is edit Video - It may also be in 4k or 1080 ti screen, and any improvement is only for gaming or even editing Video It will be noticeable, worth waiting and worth the price, thank you very much for those who understand.

    Video editing really doesn't matter what video card you have as long as it's from X50 series or higher, it's from NV (CUDA cores) and the last 4 years.
    You will invest everything in a processor with as many cores as possible and large, fast RAM.

    1. I remember that he mentioned the new core superiority compared to CUDA.
      And obviously it does matter which card you have.
      The more cores there are, the faster the work will end (of course, you also need average processor and memories)

  14. What scandalous price is this?
    At the moment on paper, it seems that the head replacements for the current series have come out at cheaper prices and better armor performance. So where exactly is the problem?

  15. And once again to friends who are a little confused:
    We are waiting for performance !!
    Because they compared to the Titans, we can't know for sure.
    The Titan is (mostly) for calculations, and the comparison to TURING says TU is much stronger than the Titan.
    The RAY TRACING (Graphics / Film) Effect Graphics is based on physics theory calculations, and since these are calculations, the new cards are more and more transcended on existing Titan cards.
    And it is important to note that all calculations are real-time! ! !
    We still want to see what happens in games without RTX.

    But whatever ... Tomorrow almost all games will have RTX effects.
    We all know what we would prefer… .. Now just wait and decide how deep to push your hand into your pocket. _ (If any)

  16. Quote of BenderTheOffender

    What outrageous price is this? Right now on paper it seems that the top-of-the-line replacement for the current series will be exported at lower prices and better performance. So where exactly is the problem?

    The price is almost double that segment and performance improvement in games generally seems minor but must wait for numbers.
    Just for example 970 was launched at a price of 330%, 2070 cost 500 and it is its cheapest version for third party makers, a price you will not be practical to buy to find. In practice this price is $ 600 for the FE version of NV and all manufacturers align with this and above. And it is unlikely that there will be any less cards (maybe only blower cooling versions that NV finally abandoned).
    1070 has cost $ 380 for the simplest model and 450 for FE version or any third party. 150 $ This is a very large addition. This came two years later and it is highly doubtful whether performance improvement will justify it.

  17. If you analyze 2070's SKU then you can assume that it is going to perform similarly to 1070TI or Maximum 1080.

    Currently 1080 can be found at $ 450 and maybe the price even dropped in the near future.

    Pay a premium price on 2070 to get technology that maximally gives another (partial) effect of shadows, only in supportive games and only in FHD (because if 2080TI fails to push 60 FPS in FHD when RT is lit then this card probably can't) .

    Maybe RT's new technology is amazing and it's the future but it's not the present. At best, only next-generation cards can make real use of this technology.

    I hope the analyzes / leaks / rumors are wrong but it smells more and more like a failed launch.

  18. Unless drivers came out who did magic, that would seem to be the case… Marketing they did well, that's probably the future, but if there really was a significant improvement over the previous generation of today's games, they would also show it in the presentation.

    If the 2070 really does not bring over 60FPS when RT is enabled, then it has no point at all, if indeed all the signs without RT its performance will not exceed much above 1080.

    I'm with you Lompi.

  19. Quote of YarYar

    Unless they left Drivers Do magic, it really seems to be the case… Marketing they did it well, this is probably really the future, but if there really was a very significant improvement over the previous generation of games of today, they would also show it in the presentation.

    If the 2070 really does not bring over 60FPS when RT is enabled, then it has no point at all, if indeed all the signs without RT its performance will not exceed much above 1080.

    I'm with you Lompi.

    Clearly there is a point, simply regulation GSYNC screen;)

  20. 2070 with RT running, will not visibly match screens that are above 60 frames. Wow, far from that.

    We're talking about 4K I hope.

    In 1080P everything is possible. I'm not with a definite opinion about 1080P, so it would be intriguing to see tests of this ruse and all the nonsense

    In the background on maximum mode.

    Another problem is that there are not too many games at the moment that support all of these things.

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