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Guide: Take the tourists out of your photos easily

Did you know that Photoshop has a special tool that makes it possible to eliminate everything that 'zooms' in a picture quickly and automatically? Let's see how it's being used and upgraded

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This happens to any professional or amateur photographer who comes to a beautiful and touristy place and wants to take a photo. The problem is fixed: In a beautiful and touristy place, there are other people and they are there to take pictures. They always come into the picture you wanted to take from your particular angle. And when they finally come out of the frame, others arrive. so what are we doing? Arrive really early in the morning when no one is there, or late at night when everyone else has gone? Of course, these are problematic solutions. Night photography is completely different from day photography both in terms of process and results. Early morning photography does not guarantee the light is right or suitable for our needs, and in general - who wants to get up early in the morning? Are you on vacation ... Is it all worth the sacrifice to get the "clean" image of tourists? And who said the place would be open at such strange times?

Get out of the frame
Get out of the frame

So how do you get the tourists out? In Photoshop, there are stamp tools, plasters, and mindful content filling "Content Aware" that allows us to fill in the blanks from the surrounding content, but this is not a real solution because we can never complete the content that was really behind the casual tourist.

If so, the solution is to take a number Of the place with the camera firmly fixed on a tripod. The idea is that eventually the tourist will move away and we can see what he has hidden. When another tourist comes, he will hide elsewhere, and even if there are many tourists - we will eventually get a number With places that remained permanent and places where there were moving objects (tourists).

From a busy road to an empty road
Ayalon Highways at noon. From a busy road to an empty road.

And what now? The usual solution is to put all the pictures one on top of the other and layers to try to find out and hide the places you want in the picture until we get a picture clean of tourists (masks). But if there are many tourists it can be a hard and exhausting job that sometimes takes hours. Is there a quick option in which Photoshop can analyze the images for us and bring the results while we drink coffee?

It turns out that. After the long introduction, here's the way:

  1. We will copy all the images we have taken into one folder
  2. We'll open up And choose File-> Scripts-> statistics
  3. Selected in the menu: Median
  4. Folder selected
  5. Select the desired folder
  6. Check "Attempt to automatically align source images" - this should align all the images you have taken and prevent movement between the images. If you were shooting on a tripod, your photos should be aligned anyway, but there are always slight displacements due to the large number of camera clicks / failure to use a cheap / shaky timer / tripod, etc. Although this check will take more time and resources from your computer, it is recommended - unless the images you have taken are completely stable.
  7. Pressed Ok and went to make coffee.
Menachem Begin Road
Menachem Begin Road (not photographed on Yom Kippur)

The calculation may be lengthy depending on the number of photos you have taken, but the final result should show the site without tourists. Note that at the end of the process you will get one layer of Smart Object in Photoshop. Double clicking on it will allow you to see the layers / Which you use and remove some of them if necessary. In this case, after saving, the recalculation will be done non-destructive. It is important to note that this process is also effective for reducing noise / grain from high ISO images.

In the video below we will see how the Ayalon Freeway can be filmed empty of traffic Thursday afternoon.


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  1. Thanks so much for the useful guide.
    I always wanted to touch on how to do it, but it always seemed like a complicated process.

  2. Cumbersome, you need a tripod and take a large number of photos and carry with a large tripod and then edit with heavy and complicated software like Photoshop.
    For amateur photography, it's best to just shoot in a scene where there are minimal unwanted factors and then at home to cut out a disruptive object with the help of paint software that is available in all windows.
    The only problem with Paint is that it compresses the image that was compressed in the jpeg format in the first place, so that it loses even more than the original quality.
    Know a simple, easy-to-use software that lets you do it like Paints, but without losing another quality?

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