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HP printers stop working with alternative ink cartridges

An annoying firmware update to HP printers causes the cartridges That are not originating from the manufacturer to be considered defective

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Many companies follow a business model where they sell a product at a very cheap price, knowing that most of their revenue will be from the sale of related products. Attached to this business model is the Razor Blade Business model - a company such as a razor maker may prefer to sell consumers the shaving arm at a very cheap price, and consumers will already pay for it by buying the expensive blades. This business model has also become recognized in the world of printers. Many companies sell printers at a loss, but the ink cartridges sell at extremely high costs - costs so high that black ink for the printer is defined by several sources The most expensive liquids in the world.

Original HP ink
Original ink . Of the world's precious fluids

These high costs have resulted in a large number of small companies producing compatible ink at a much cheaper price, and in many cases - just as good quality. The supply of compatible ink cartridges has brought many printer manufacturers to a great loss of potential profits. Reports are now on the web about a new firmware update for HP printers that will stop them working with non-original ink. According to the site ExtremeTech This is an update that was made more than six months ago, but has only begun in the last few days. The site hinted that the non-original ink blocking operation may have been delayed in order to enable as many customers as possible to install the update, and only after many did so was the jammed.

HP printer error message screen
HP printer error message screen

The printer and ink market has for many years been highly profitable for the company Despite the great proliferation of solutions alternative. But in recent years there has been a steady decline in the company's revenues both from printers and from the sale of related products such as . It is possible that this step is intended to prevent the continued decline in the short term. However, in the long term it may also have opposite meanings for the company. Customers whose printers have stopped working one bright morning may not approve of this step and consider buying another product that works with Alternative and cheaper.

Officejet Pro
Officejet Pro

HP Corporation Has announced That the firmware update has indeed been performed and that some of the blocked printers have already reached this feature at the time of purchase. The purpose of the update is to protect the intellectual property of the company . The update was made to printers OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro, and OfficeJet Pro X. The company also noted my heads Which were refilled by the customer with the help of suppliers Alternatives are supposed to continue working, because the ink cartridge itself still contains the chip indicating its originality.


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  1. Each time they try and each time bypass the block. The solution - don't buy printers from this company.

  2. For years I avoid them, and recommend to friends to avoid this company, mainly because they are not the best company (and because to connect the printer to a computer I have to double the number of software installed on my computer) - and now I have an even better reason ...

  3. I thought this was always the case with HP printers, who refuse to print with replacement cartridges. On any computer I had, which was attached to a Deskjet D13xx or an integrated machine based on these models, I saw that when an original HP cartridge was inserted into the printer, a message was displayed on the computer screen that HP original cartridge was inserted, and published only with original HP cartridges, You'll get the best quality, which means the printer driver prevents printing in the event of a replacement or refilled ink cartridge.

  4. At best, they will break into the firmware and start selling (like the PlayStation 2 times) on printers, or the manufacturers of color will do RE and find the identifying component,
    At worst ... what I care about, there's no canon =)

  5. From experience of several printers do not recommend HP
    I have had a PANTUM printer for years without fault printing
    Even the ink cartridge has been saying it's been empty for a year and still continues to print as big ...

  6. The source she wrote from them writes that they are the most expensive liquids in the world, unreliable to us, because they measure their price by gallons (Gallon: non-standard American unit), and not by liters (the international standard unit). If the site was considerate to readers outside the US and would make the list a dollar per liter and not a dollar per gallon, liquids would appear other than the actual list, and the black ink might have appeared lower on the list.

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