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Half the price and beyond: Intel's new Extreme processors are revealed

Intel has already decided to unveil its Extreme processor prices for the LGA2066 series -X. These models will contain a large amount of cores and are designed for content creators and workstations of various kinds - and for end-to-end gamers

In a somewhat unexpected move, she decided In the early morning, the new models of the Extreme Residency are already being unveiled, along with their price in the market, which is for the first time seeing a significant decline, mainly due to the strong competition in the market.

These processors are actually the third wave coming to the LGA2066 bracket under the chipset X299. The first wave of processors -X came when the head of a processor with 18 cores was first i9 7980XE. In addition, models with 16,14,12,10,8,6 and even 4 cores were launched.

Since then the same Skylake-X architecture-based processors have gone through a refresh called Skylake-X Refresh with a series -X 9000. The amount of cores did not change, nor did the price of the 18 core processor which stood at about 2,000 for another year. Processor frequencies were increased, and a higher quality thermal solution was added instead of standard ointment between the silicon and the processor cover. Also, the amount of Available for each earpiece processor and the 8-core processors are no longer disadvantaged with fewer paths.

Now comes the third wave of Extreme Processors. The maximum number of cores is unlikely to change, at least not at launch and will also stand at 18. The prices? This is another story altogether.

The new processor models along with official prices and names are a bit confusing

For the first time between two generations of Extreme processors, we see such a huge price difference. The top of the list is led by the 18 core processor i9 10980XE (definitely a confusing name that continues the line started by Ice-Lake processors in Mobile). This processor comes at a base frequency of 3.0Ghz along with a maximum turbo for all cores of 3.8Ghz. The price tag? Goes down from two thousand dollars to a thousand "only"

Cutting half the price seems like an important step in understanding Intel's terrain against the serious competition that Poses for her with the processors, Both existing and launched by the end of the year. She won't give up on the target audience and cut the price.

Intel skips 16 cores and drops directly to 14. Core i9 processor 10940X will replace Core i9 9Existing 940X. While the existing one costs 1,400 dollars, the new one is priced at only 784 dollars. Here, too, it is actually a cut of almost half the price to keep up with the existing market situation . At a price similar to that expected Launching its 16 core processor in November for the mainstream, it is very likely that the 16 core version will also be priced at around 800-850 dollars and will therefore be a real competition.

are you- i9 9920X having 12 cores will replace the i9 10920X has the same amount of cores as well, and the price tag refreshes from 1,200 dollars to 689 dollars only. At the bottom we will find the i9 10900X has the 10 cores that replaces the i9 9900X. Here the price drops from 999 dollars to 590 dollars in the new model. This processor is actually the big brother of the i9 9900K For Those Who Want Minimum Core Extras and Extreme Bracket Benefits (Memory Volume Channels And many interfaces).

This launch differs from the previous refresh launch in some features found in processors and the platform. The operation frequencies are higher, especially in gaming performance, a situation where fewer cores operate in such multi-core processors. In addition, four additional PCI-Express 3.0 paths were added to the platform, so you should definitely expect to see X299 high-intensive M.2 interfaces for NVMe drives. New boards are also expected to include controllers Of 2.5Gbps as well as new 6 AX200 WiFi controllers.

At this time We have not yet released an exact launch date for these processors, but we know this will happen during November, Intel told us. We are of course expected to cover extensively the launch of the best site tradition - stay tuned!

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