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Half-way ahead: NVIDIA's GeForce RTX Super cards are coming

The direct response of To launch the The first will be officially unveiled next month

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The graphics card market is finally coming to life thanks to AMD's new architecture, which promises to provide real competition for the technological leadership of the company In the field after a few years of shuffling - and that means that the Green Camp is also vigorously preparing for a war on the crown, with a move that will refresh existing popular models and provide us with much more varied choices.

The GeForce RTX 2060 Super Model Will Provide 2,176 Active CUDA Units at rushed working frequencies that will perform similarly to those of the GeForce RTX 2070 and may be slightly better - at an initial recommended price of 430 dollars that would be cheaper than their current counterparts And from the Radeon RX 5700 XT approaching of the . Green knockout? In the meantime, we will try not to jump to far-reaching conclusions, but we can not deny that this sounds like a very juicy development.

The teaser came close to a month ago - and since then we've been getting mostly informal leaks

Model GeForce RTX 2070 Super may include With 2,560 units CUDA activity will tickle the performance obtained from samples RTX 2080 is currently in the price tag of 600 USD (compared to the initial cost of 700 USD to RTX 2080), while Model RTX 2080 Super will include 3,072 processing units and will attempt to partially bridge the performance gap between the X- Radiant XXUMX Ti 2080 standard with the cost of 800 dollars.

This will probably not be the final design of the Super models, but in the meantime we have no other official information about them
Image source: videocardz.com

There are also estimates of a possible launch of a model RTX 2080 Ti Super Somewhere in the future, perhaps with the same maximum number of units as exists in the RTX (or close to it), but at the initial stage it seems that we are expected to have only three major Super models, with an official public announcement already on 2 in July and practical launch at 9 stores in July, The first. How these products will affect the demand, pricing, The first generation? This is certainly an interesting question that we are eager to examine as soon as possible.

The development from AMD brings the Run faster than normal - without waiting for a new production process or improvements Any?

So what would be the right choice for upgrades in 2019 - Or Super? You are welcome to share your feedback with us.

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