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Happy Birthday: All details on the big year update of Windows 10

A significant update to the operating system will reach all users in the middle of next week. Here's what you should know about

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Today is the last day you can upgrade your system for free to Windows 10 (Windows 10), but it is possible that the new upgradeers will have to adapt twice to a new interface within a week. This year's system update is around the corner and will reach all 2 users in August. The update, by the way, is not intended only for personal computers, but comes to all Microsoft products, including Windows Mobile devices, its Surface tablet, And even the G-.

The update does not bring far-reaching changes in the order of But focuses mainly on optimizing and improving existing features. The first noticeable differences are the changes in the newly reformatted menu, and now the user is presented with his or her software list as soon as it is opened. One category arranges software by frequency of use and another displays recently installed software and games.

To give the new menu a cleaner look, options like logging in to File Explorer, shutting down and restarting your computer are hidden under icons only. Feel free to watch the changes (from Jennifer Gentleman's Twitter from Microsoft):

The menu design still sanctifies Live Tiles, the same tiles that update regularly and display news updates, finances, emails, or even friends'. In the new update, clicking on a specific news item that interests you will open the News program and send you directly to it. In the current situation, only the software opens, and users are forced to search for the news themselves.

The system's notification center, the Action Center, stands out in relation to other taskbar icons. The update makes the alerts more colorful and vivid in their appearance below. The taskbar icon also provides a glimpse of the type of alert it is in, so you don't have to open it and discover, again, the "Updates were installed" alert. While these changes are kind, they are not significant. I'm using this year's update version 10 a little more than a week, and so far my interaction with the renewed Action Center remains minimal.

System alert center improvements (image: Microsoft)
System alert center improvements (image: Microsoft)

Even at the cosmetic level, the system design can be switched to Dark Mode. To date, this could only be done in certain applications, such as the Edge browser. The new update tries to create a uniform look, but the fact that there are still some software and parts of the system that use the default design is a little detracting. This feature is designed primarily for AMOLED screen owners who run the 10.

Other interesting features that come with the system update are its support for embedding fingerprint recognition on some apps (within "Windows Hello") and easy functionality upgrades to Tablet mode, making the system more user friendly .

As part of this update, a set of new features designed for touch pen users (stylus) will be launched, under the name "Windows Ink". The Ink Workspace application combines all the actions you can do with the stylus, such as scribbling, solving equations, or editing notes.

Most pen users work primarily with OneNote, but Ink is now integrated with other apps, such as the built-in Maps app. Boasts that developers can embed their software into the same features using single lines of code.

Windows Ink workspace
Workspace of Ink (Image: Microsoft)

Cortena, Microsoft's personal assistant who received her name from the familiar character who is shutting down the Halo games, has gone through some improvements. It recognizes more app names (currently more than 1,000) that can be controlled by it and its notifications now work in sync with devices Mobile.

She has also learned to offer suggestions to the user herself based on his location, such as nearby public transit routes and restaurants and entertainment venues. Cortena can be activated from the lock screen of , Without first connecting to the user.

The Cortana personal assistant is already available on the lock screen
The personal assistant Already available on lock screen (image: Microsoft)

The most significant upgrade, in my opinion, is the one that went through the Edge browser. Internet Explorer's successor is indeed the most energy-efficient browser among the top five, much faster than its predecessorMore successful in streaming content, But still lagging behind in terms of market share. One of the main reasons for this situation is the browser's lack of support for developer extensions, some of which have become almost essential for surfing the Internet.

The new update finally adds such support. Currently only a limited number of popular plugins are available, such as the AdBlock Plus ad blocker, the LastPass password manager, the web page translation service, and the integration button with Pinterest.

The necessary update, which also allows more flexible control of the browser through new setup screens, is all that Edge needed to compete in the big league. I was very fond of the new version, but I preferred to wait for now and go back to using the new version, Until further extensions arrive (after the official release).

With Will receive the update in parallel to the personal computers. They will enjoy a new design of the main screen (Dashboard), which makes it easier to access the games and apps area.

This area, where console users spend quite a bit of time, also renews and displays more clearly the content available and that is being downloaded or installed. I got the update about two weeks ago, and I think these changes that make mess order are exactly what the One's interface needed.

The update for the One also makes an important step toward one among the platforms that run the operating system. The One will implement the "Windows Universal Apps" concept, which is computer software available in the store Will also work fully on the console (with adjustments to the large screen if necessary). Music software , Groove, will be among the first to receive a new version and will allow you to play background music while navigating menus and playing time. This was one of the missing features in One.

The Xbox One is updated and supported for background music
God- Updated and supported for background music (picture: Microsoft)

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet specified exactly what innovations will come to devices Mobile. It is known that the mobile update will be distributed to users gradually starting with the 6 in August.

Now, when you know how 10 will resume, the question is asked again - upgrade or not upgrade? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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  1. So whether CORTANA will work in Israel's TZ or not?
    And what do you mean, "But I preferred to wait for the time being and use Firefox again"?
    The enthusiasm for a new browser is understandable, but it's clear that until you get more than FF gives you you won't go anywhere else!
    By the way, feel free to try WATERFOX or CYBERFOX. (First comes only at X64)

  2. Basically, I would love to try to work with EDGE as soon as it has extensions like ad blockers. Excellent browser.

    two things,
    1. Will Courtena work in Israel?
    2. I read somewhere on the network that in the new upgrade they completely eliminated Hibernation and Sleep, do you have any more information about that?

  3. I realized that Cortana can't be undone in the new update, so I hope she doesn't work in the country.

  4. I really hope this solves driver problems because I have a problem with Intel's Joasby 3 driver for the Z77 board and I have a problem with the built-in Windows interface for Lotus that I just can't find for some reason.http://imgur.com/a/Uax7p

  5. Instead of fixing the system and compressed memory that eats your HDD and 4 Giga Maharam for something unknown, they send me a design update….

  6. Friends you forgot the most important function!
    Full sync with Android and Windows Mobile phones
    The alert center is great with this sync

  7. Why haven't I received the update yet? Even when checking it manually it shows me that the computer is up to date

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