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Don't give up on the deals: hard drives that go back to floor prices

Even within the general trend of price increases in the hardware market, good surprises can still be found - an external 6TB mechanical drive from a company Could be yours for less than NIS 400 now

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It is no secret that many hardware prices in the global market have risen significantly since the end of 2019 short-term liquidation campaigns, with the global corona fright hitting the Far East countries likely to further reduce this trend in the near future. However, the low dollar rate and some temporary price cuts in Amazon Arrange us deals you shouldn't miss, even now.

Need external storage at a great price? Let's take a look at the Expansion Desktop at 6TB, which has now dropped to a basic price level of just $ 89.99 - $ 10 above the historical minimum level it was available for just a few hours in the past, but still quite lucrative compared to the prices you find in the country for similar volume products.

It is definitely advisable to snatch it, before the stock is gone and the price jumps back

Along with the VAT increment, you receive a price of $ 110.07, which is NIS 380 in value including the expected conversion fee from the credit company (and NIS 386 if you choose to rely on the updated discount conversion services of Itself) - nearly NIS 300 less than the minimum price of drives Parallel exterior in stores in Israel.

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Other interesting suggestions are for Inner Blue Series , With 256 megabytes of Dynamic cache and rotation speed of 5,400 rpm - for only $ 49.99 per volume 2 terabytes, that is, only NIS 175 including the expected conversion fee, relative to prices of over NIS 250 for a similar unit in the local market.

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FireCuda hybrid internal hard drive of the company , With 2 terabytes of Mechanical combined with A quick flash that accelerates the random performance potential is sold for $ 74.98 without the need for shipping or VAT additions, so the resulting cost is NIS 260 per conversion fee at one percent of the transaction value or NIS 263 per Amazon conversion fee - nearly NIS 200 below price The minimum of the same model in the country.

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This is not the cheapest price ever on Amazon for the model, but combined with the low dollar value and free shipping offer of the sales platform is a very good deal for us

For dessert, those looking to go all over the box can opt for a compact external mechanical drive Massive volume of 14TB - with a final price of $ 303.16 including tax and shipping, which translates to about NIS 1,050 together with the expected conversion fee from the credit card or NIS 1,064 with the conversion fee of . Hundreds of shekels less than the price of 12TB and even 10TB drives currently sold in Israel.

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updating: Another generous volume from Seagate returns to its lowest price level to date - $ 159.99 as a base and $ 195.05 including taxes, which is NIS 675 in value including the expected conversion fee (NIS 683 if prefer based on conversion services on behalf of herself). Does not pay quite as much as the six-terabyte equivalent model, but it is very close and mostly represents a discount of hundreds of shekels compared to what you will find in a store near your home.

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2 Update: Hybrid FireCude Drive - Now at its lowest price for 2TB! $ 59.99 without the need for any extras for shipping or tax, which translates into a final price of less than NIS 210 based on the low dollar rate. It is extraordinarily lucrative, compared to prices starting from NIS 450 (!) For the same model in the country.

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The price of this drive was not bad at all the other day - and now it becomes even more lucrative, for a short period of time that you should take full advantage of as quickly as possible

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