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Hard with RTX, hard without cricket: NVIDIA's profits plummet

Several quarters of the big rash end in a headache for the chip developer with the collapse of demand for video cards

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The companies have feared this in the past and have even publicly expressed it - and now the estimates are already a reality: With the rapid decline in demand for graphics cards for digital currency mining needs comes the fall in average sales volumes and purchase amounts, and this pulls down the financial data of , Similar to what happened to the And even worse.

NVIDIA has unveiled its data for the end of the fiscal year of 2019, which ended last January, and as expected earlier - there is not much positive news here for her.

The highs of Behind her - but that doesn't mean she should be eulogized

Zhen-Sun Huang's company reported $ 2.205 billion revenue (actually surpassing analysts' expectations, after announcing a $ XNUM million cut last month) and a net profit of 500 $ 1 million - but the main story here is a fall in 567 Percentage of Revenue of the Division And a decrease of 46 in revenues compared with the previous financial quarter, which together attests to the significant bubble that has developed around the world of crypto currencies and the lower than expected demand for the C- Advanced but very expensive.

The RTX 2060 and the GTX future mussels will help increase revenue in the near future?

All divisions of Revenue Compared to Q3 of Economic 2019 Year, Although Not Surprisingly Based on Recognized Turnover - A Fairer Comparison to the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal Year 2018 Reveals Continued Growth in Card Sales And cards As well as an increase in the business of the smart vehicle world, along with a decline in technology and chip revenues designed specifically for third party companies and of course the expected fall in the home market.

This past year was a new record for the green chip developer, even when including the disappointing last quarter - and investors seem to disagree about their future potential

It is worth emphasizing that Continues to be a successful and profitable company even today, ending the calendar year 2018 and financial year 2019 with both record highs and 4.1 billion earnings record - but there is no doubt that increased access and efforts will be needed to please all shareholders and return to the breaking track The never-ending highs where the company has marched until recently. Let's hope a wider range of products and more competitive prices will be part of the process.

Now cautious about its estimates for the current quarter, with projected revenue similar to the previous quarter - "only" 2.21 $ 1 billion with a slight increase in net income


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  1. In my opinion the market is declining for several reasons.
    A. As for gamers, it is best to buy a console already because the computers are not really more powerful or cheaper (in the normal price range).
    B. The consoles already have exclusive games, good quality at both the game level and the graphical level.
    third. The currency miners are not worth the investment for low delta.

    In short, the PC generation is waning.
    I'm also waiting for the next upgrade to PlayStation 5.

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