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Hardware deals at prices not to be missed

Original article: NVNe fast drives and memories Quick prices are sold at unprecedented prices - you should hurry up and take advantage of them

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Days of Prime Day 2019 is less than two weeks away, but even without them we have great new deals every day that you really do not want to lose. Let's review the best hardware upgrade suggestions around as of these writing lines.

Team DDR Group's T-Force Vulcan Z memories have fallen to an unprecedented price - 4 includes shipping to homeIn a red shade או In a silvery shade Of your choice) A pair of 16GB modules includes a base speed of 3,000MHz and CL16 timings, Ie 240 shekels only.

Another deal for dynamic memories that is very hard to ignore

Intel 660p NVMe single terabyte drive Is gaining another slight drop in price, and 120.23 is now sold in dollars, including VAT and shipping to Israel - NIS 435 in total.

After a temporary decline to the price of 50 dollars only - A pair of DDR4 16GB memories including Silicon Power with 2,400MHz speed and CL17 timings Offered at base price of 55 USD, or 62.58 USD including shipping, which are 225 NIS.

For the sake of convenience, Sabrent's fast NVSE drives based on the excellent Phison E12 controller are sold at prices that are more like those of SATA-based budget drives - A terabyte model Will be yours for 125.31 dollars, Model 512GB Will cost 57.64 USD (210 shekels) only The most modest 256GB model Offered at $ 37.64.

Drives Which are capable of delivering continuous transmission speeds of 3.4 gigabytes per second at prices we have not yet met

updating: Samsung's favorite 860 EVO drive is now available in Amazon Italy at a price that does not require VAT to be charged to 500GB - Cost of 70.21 per Euro including delivery to Israel, ie, only NIS 285. Absolutely worth all those who are not willing or interested in other brands.


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